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  1. Here's a link to what I'm selling, Its going on the bay in a week if I get no interest on here. http://s1219.photobucket.com/albums/dd437/Joeleol89/XS250%20Cafe%20Build/Bits%20for%20sale/ Thanks, Joel
  2. I'm just selling a load of bits on ebay; http://shop.ebay.co.uk/jay.elle.see/m.html Cheers, Joel
  3. Hi All, I have a set of dismantled RD250 A/B wheels for sale, the hubs are in good condition and the rims are fine to use (to me, and I'm a perfectionist) The rear is a big drum and the front hub accepts one rotor for disk brakes (the rotor is included). I bought these to fit my XS250 (as they will easily, the front just need different bearings) the rear already fits fine. I have now found some lovely XS400 twin drum wheels with twin leading shoes and they deem these obsolete to me. Please PM me with offers, If you would like pictures include you email address with the PM. Regards, Joel
  4. Hi all, Just a quickie, I have acquired some of the lovely (looking) XS400 '80 wire wheels, both drums. The front is the twin leading shoe model (if anyone has these?) I was just wondering how good they are? I know they are going to be worse than disks, I am only interested in fade characteristics and life of the shoes. Thanks in advance, Joel
  5. The '79 XS 400 has everything you want. I just bought the whole setup from the states =) The front has a nice twin leading shoe design,
  6. Hello all, I'm currently looking for my next project as the 250 is not far from finished now. (I got some wire wheels off the bay for £50 wohoo) Preferably something nice, old and oh a complete pile! I don't want to spend more than a grand so any ideas? Thanks in advance, Joel
  7. Tachometer is 5:1, found a sweet veglia one!
  8. Ok, thank you, I will measure the ratio myself (I was just being lazy) and let everyone know.
  9. Hi PorkChop, I would pack it as per the manual. I didn't think to check the quantity when I rebuilt mine. When the clutch lever is fully disengaged there should be no play in the plates whatsoever (i.e. they wont rattle). So just do whatever it takes to achieve this.
  10. Just off the top of your heads, does anybody know what ratio the speedo drive and rpm output drive are on the xs250? Thanks in advance, Joel
  11. I want my bike to be finished!!

  12. Where can I get a timing kit like that for my XS250 (its the same as the 400 I believe) I really hate points.
  13. Its some light bronze metallic colour, It was the colour of my last bike and I thought it would look good. Now its done, I'm not over-keen, but its different so I think its going to stay like that for now.
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