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  1. I wasn't using the choke since I thought it was flooded / flooding and thought choke would make it worse... tried it with choke on after the replies and it started first time... Now I feel a little stupid lol. Ah well, I'm only learning.. Took the bike out for a rip straight after and got pulled by the police. Thought I'd done something wrong but it was a routine checkpoint.. phew
  2. Before.. all the first post happened within a few hours on a single day
  3. Also I have access to a pressure gauge but don't know where to check it to check the compression. Search the internet for an answer but had no luck.
  4. I should have mentioned in the top post I changed the plug about a week or two ago.
  5. Ok so my bike just suddenly stopped starting on the electric starter (no kick start). Started in the morning, I drove to work. After work it wouldn't start. It was my first time at work with the bike and a few people went out to look so I assumed they flooded it as I forgot to turn the fuel off. So I turned the fuel to off and hit the starter for a bit until the bike got a bit of life ( around 10 min later).. turned fuel on and it started very weak, then built up. I assumed the problem was flooding so drove home no problem, parked the bike up and ate dinner. Went to go out about an hour and half later. Same problem. I knew it wasn't flooded. But I turned fuel off to clear it out. Then fuel on and tried to start... nothing. So I pushed the bike forward and back a few meters while trying to start, the headlight got brighter, wee bit of life in the starting sound and then finally started, but again very weak. Drove to my friends house. Left about 3 hours later. Wouldn't start! I was 1 in the morning so I wasn't standing out all night so I pushed it up a big hill at his and bump started in first gear.. flying home! First I thought weak battery because of the light being dull and then brightning when I was pushing the bike forward and back. But the electric starter is turning over ok and at it's normal speed etc. Battery doesn't sound weakened. So what could the problem be? I read on the internet somewhere to clean the carb and the air filter.. I don't know how to start aobut cleaning the carb. Everyone must assume we all have Haynes manuals or aren't bike newbies lol.
  6. Lol def not. Anyone looking to buy a jacket? Size Small / 38? lol
  7. Hi all, I just bought a new motorcycle jacket (I say new, it's my first and only jacket). I bought it used off eBay and I went be the size I take in a suit, 38. So the jacket arrived today and it is SUPER tight... nearly a struggle to get it closed. Below is the eBay auction I won and a mobile photo of my wearing the jacket fully zipped. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260670671122&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
  8. Na the bike wasn't starting on that plug.. I checked the plug though and it was sparking, but it was a very weak looking spark. eBay, £1.77 for the new plug, couldn't beat it! Bike is running great now.
  9. As title, but I want to know was the old plug looking alright. I know you can tell a lot from how the spark plug looks.. So I took a few pictures. Also I don't have a torque wrench so just tightened it by hand and then put a half turn on it with a normal wrench. Hows that old plug looking?
  10. Loving the yellow.. What exhaust is that? Couldn't be the original ??..
  11. Beautiful bike.. What year is it?
  12. Love the shape of that bike... and a good price, well done!
  13. Very nice bikes... Loving the second one.
  14. Haha yeah ir's a typo.. I own a Honda car and go on Honda forums too. Yeah oil was visable in the window after the change, I don't get it. So what am I checking the radiator for? You are saying the oil should change to a milky colour over time?
  15. As title, plus the bike won't start. Bike: 2006 DT125R SM Well went to take it out this morning.. started and let it run while i ate my breakfast.. went out, stalled it.. then it wouldn't start again. Just keeps turning over, I turned the throttle a little.. nothing. I only noticed the transmission oil as I was checking all the vitals on the bike. Here's a photo incase I am wrong. But to my view there is no sign of oil in the window. I changed out the transmission oil last week, it was a grey colour... didn't look healthy. Plus I thought transmission oil didn't change colour like engine oil etc ?? I added the amount it tells you in the Honda book, 0.7 Litres I think it said.. Can't remember. Might I add I know little to nothing about bikes. I read a few other threads and maybe the bike is flooding / spark plug and/or carb needs changed.. I might just take it to a mechanic, I don't know yet.
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