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  1. 62530...toughie today... #angrybirdsadvent How's everyone else doing?

  2. PLEASE HELP!!! Can't open day 6. It just keeps saying 'available in 5 hours' or so...then the time will change!!! HELP!!! #angrybirdsadvent

  3. You're a disgrace to marking, Alesha! 9 for Scott - who forgot most of his steps - and 8 for Matt - who didn't? #scd

  4. It was a brilliant show...one of the best, I think. And I have to say you looked gorgeous!

  5. So how the feck did David Belle Amie get through. Sorry, John, but adios fella...

  6. Hope it's a cracker...and I'm loving that pic of you in front of the three lions!

  7. Did my CBT on a DTR and loved it...a lot of fun...even if it was a tiny bit tall for me! I've got an SR125 (1991) now and love it, too! It's low, well balanced and very easy to ride. The only problems I've had with it was getting it started when I first bought it, but I cleaned out the air filter and put new fuel in and it's been fine ever since.
  8. Nice one! And here's something else I've noticed... I always take the long way home from work when I'm on two, not four!
  9. 1) Bikers are helpful - Not 15 minutes after getting my MOT certificate, I'm in the Post Office car park on my knees fiddling with the tax disc holder. 'Having trouble with your bike, mate?...only I'm a biker and I saw you pokin' about so came to see if I could help,' said a voice. Followed by 15 minute chat about decent local rides. My car's broken down a hundred times and no fecker's ever stopped to help me. 2) Bikers are friendly - Total riding time...3 hours(ish). Biker's nods...12 and counting. Nobody in a car EVER nodded at me. 3) When was the last time I got in my car and went for
  10. The Games Console...the best contraceptive ever invented. 'Ahem...you coming upstairs or what???' 'Err...yes love. Just 5 more minutes...'
  11. http://twitvid.com/DVFNU - @jeffmadsenobv No offence, Phil...but can we see a bit more of Liv and a bit less of you? Nice one...
  12. AndEdward


    Nice one, Goff. I'll keep it in mind for next time an appendage drops off...
  13. AndEdward

    An update...

    Evening, chaps. Sorry it's been a while...I have been popping in and reading what you've all been up to. Couldn't make The Squires for reasons I'll go into in a minute, but the video and the pics look brilliant. A good time seems to have been had by all... Anyways...couldn't get to my MOT on the Friday evening as I had to work, so booked it in for 9am on Saturday. Got up really early and was going to take it for a long ride first. Obviously I really WAS on my way to the testing station, officer...but the fecker wouldn't start. It was turning over nicely but just wouldn't catch or fire up at
  14. Cheers Ttaskmaster - Feckin' 'eck...I feel like a right girly swot, now! (No offence to any female-types knocking about ) Didn't get to the MOT in the end. Bit of a long story involving an insurance website crashing and me having no cover even though they'd taken the money. Phoned them up tonight to sort it but they can't do anything until the morning. So...booked in for tomorrow. I promise you'll be the first to know...
  15. Sounds like a plan, up yours...see what I can do!
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