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  1. Am in the same boat as 'Rich B', my bike is in my garage coz i need to do the front fork seals and a new front tyre. My insurance company just contacted me to ask if i will be renewing insuranceas it is about to expire. so thanks to the beauracrats who think they know better i now have a bill for about £350, rather than leaving it in the garage and doing it bit by bit
  2. No mate, pretty sure its the tyre compound............... even just rolling into a roundabout it feels a bit unstable The back feels quite firm, its the front that breaks away with no effort at all.
  3. You dont seem to have many correspondants from this part of the land , i would be interested in doing my bit from say........ Kent Sussex border, round kent via dover and up to Dartford crossing. If you are going to do it for charity, just a thought how about GOSH
  4. I have the same problem as foamy, got Bridgestone BT45 on back but on the front i have a Metzeler NU33 Laser. I can run from maidstone down to ashford via M20, exit slip road and where they have made repairs in small sections it tries to throw me into the bushes. So by the sound of it i need to replenish the front with a Bridgestone, how do they perform in the wet ?
  5. sorry but i am with '2wheels' & 'droopy'............. WTF, and if my kids talked like that i would send them away to learn to speak proper
  6. Hi guys (and girls ), thanks for the greetings. Just a quick update........... and a bit more picking . Drained fuel from old tank....... BOY was there some crud in it, got about 5 litres of thick brown sludge and about 10 litres of good clean fuel out of it . Good fuel was decanted into a clear reciptical and left to settle overnight to check for any more foreign objects...... non found new tank was fitted next day and fuel inserted. Carbs bought as part of the package were exchanged for a pair of working coils and leads (as 1 of the coils had dropped out) since it was found my original carbs were in workable order, original carbs were stripped and cleaned by a very profesional mobile mech, who came down from London and spent 2.5 hrs in the pouring rain stripping and cleaning them, thanks Andy . Then the moment of truth............. hey presto, it ran . result, me happy as a preverbial pig in poo The end result is i now have a fully running XJ600 that gets me to work and back (round trip 90 miles ). I still have a couple of minor issues, but over the winter i can sort them, she needs a new set of sprockets (and chain of course) and possibly a new set of tyres since i can hear the chain 'clipping' the ends of the sprocket teeth and the current tyres have been on the bike for about 3 yrs and i am far from happy with their grip, they have on a couple of occasions tried to dismount me while going over road markings, cats eyes and road joints ( which at 60 - 70 miles an hour on the motorway is far from funny)....... which is where the question comes in. I am looking for ur opinion on the best tyres for my bike, any clues on preferences. Oh and by the way XV, all the parts were bought from a on line bike breaker 2nd hand
  7. Or a crash helmet to hide the blushes, i have put link in my favourites. Gonna read up and give it a go................ it sounds fun, some thing different to do on a sunday.
  8. I have succombed to opening the wallet, i made a diplomatic decision to change the carbs and get a newish tank, have just been offered new tank carbs and seat for £150, they should be cluttering up the kitchen by the time i get home on friday ............ by sunday morning they will be fitted, then hopefully i can go and rag it for a couple of hours . So hopefully i should be able to show my face at one of ur weekend run outs (if there are any left to do ), if not it will be a cup of tea at the oakdene on sunday morning if any of you are there.
  9. My opinion, well short and sweet...................... if they take someones pride and joy they deserve whatever sentence they recieve. Be it a custodial one or death by riding like a idiot. My choice................ the later, coz then you know they cant nick it again. If i nick a car the police will chase me at totally suicidal speeds from here to kingdom come. I probably have not bothered to put my seat belt on. does this mean the police say 'oh sorry sarge we cant chase him, he hasn't got his seat belt on'. DO THEY HELL. If its nicked they have a common duty to use as much force as necessary to recover it. If the guy/girl dies in the process, so be it. Its called collateral damage, sorry not very short and sweet. You got me on my soap box............... i'll get off now.
  10. johnsnow............... the solar panels i mentioned are not as big as you think.............. they measure about 6" x 4" and come in pairs, there is a small length of wire that you connect to your + & - terminals on the other end is a plug which you can secure under the seat, then all you do is plug them in when you need them or overnight. if you have a window in ur garage u could hang them in the window.If i can find the website address here in the UK i will post it for you. He does a lot of internet bussiness and sends all over the world. I have just been on his site.............. punch in www.thebikerstore.co.uk look in accessories, they are called 'Oxford Solarisers'. I am not sure if the rules permit me to advertise,i have no vested interest in his bussiness, i have bought gear off him on several occasions and never had a problem.
  11. Last year i was working for a recovery company when one of our guys got called to a CBR on the motorway that had cut out, it was recovered back to our yard and stored for about a week. A local dealer attended and managed to get it going, customer was over the moon then asked, any chance one of ur guys can drop it round my house.............. as i had my bike licence and 'new what i was doing' i was duly elected. Positioned slidebed to ride bike onto back, as the back wheel touched the alloy bed i had failed to notice the oil on the bed. Result, rather expensive bike exit left, urs truly exit right. Not sure thats quite what he meant when he asked us to 'drop it off '. Load bike back onto bed and take to body shop OOOOOOPPS Funny how i never got asked again I also remember many years ago in my youth , a friend of mine had a Goldwing............... i had always fancied one, i had a brand new X5, he wanted a smaller bike......... so we came to a mutual agreement and swopped. 10 mins up the road on my new steed, feeling like a kid in a sweet shop i stopped at a shop to pick up some smokes for my friend, stuck it on side stand, got the smokes jumped back on the bike, spent 10 mins trying to lift it up level before going back into the shop and asking someone to help lift the bike off side stand . Never used side stand again.......... i could not stand the embarrassment more than once
  12. Check ur plugs and leads, its possible either one of ur leads is breaking down or one of ur plugs has cracked porcelain causing a short.
  13. I have a local bike shop that sells small solar panels which you can plug onto the battery whenever you are not using it. The cost is about £30.00 but it beats not getting ur ride Check out e bay you may find something similar ?
  14. Hi,My name is Steve, this is this first time i have been a YOC member, and a Yamaha owner, thats not to say i am new to bikes, over the years i have had a few different makes . I have recently bought a XJ600 Diversion that has been stood for some time, it is generally in good condition. I started with the usual tank drain and fill with new 'fresh' fuel, it took a while to coax it into life but perseverance paid off and after about 15 mns it spluttered into life . Now the plugging of the grey matter, it starts without having to use the choke , but once it is running takes a long time to warm up and respond to the throttle (if i start it using the choke it will only run for about a couple of minutes before cutting out). When i took it for its first run it would only rev to about 3000rpm, then sort of 'hiccups' dropping to about 1500rpm then back to 3000 and so on ( up and down between the revs). i removed the plugs and noticed 1 & 4 are wet (yet these are the 2 down pipes that get hot when its running) and 2 is dry but black and 3 is light brown but dry (yet these 2 down pipes get barely warm). I have today changed the plugs with no change. Have i bought a 'dog' or can anyone shed some light without me having to go to a dealer and pay a 2nd mortgage to sort it. Any advice would be extremely welcome Any help with my predicament will be met with a ice cold beer should we ever meet, which i hope will be the case SHOULD I EVER GET MY BLOODY BIKE RUNNING BEFORE THE ROTTEN WEATHER ARRIVES
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