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  1. i'd rather have her than a twig as a wife
  2. Where abouts did you come off if you dont mind saying?
  3. Well what you gotta look at is your total outlay to get you back to where you were. If you claim on your insurance, it will be there for the next five years, so are you going to in the long run pay more through insurance than doing it yourself. Remember you also have your excess to take into consideration here. Was the pothole that bad? Was it in a way intrusive to a road user? Did you take pictures? If your answer is yes to all three, then you could try claiming through the counsel for poor road maintenance. Especially the run up to christmas, i know its a long shot but its worth a try. David
  4. Thats impressive, just as impressive as this http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/News/newsresults/General-news/2011/September/sep0911-cops-put-bikes-through-roadside-mots/
  5. thats riding a bit close to the left of the road. That invites car drivers to overtake you
  6. They grips look nice, am sure a good set of oxford wrap rounds will come out for winter hiking if your a winter rider
  7. Come up to Scotland over the winter time. I road the hole way through winter bar one week over christmas when the roads were covered with snow and ice. -7C feels cold, really cold, trust me. I would have thermals, composite trousers and jacket, wind breaker under the jacket and on top of the thermals i would have a Keis heated jacket. I'd have an over jacket for the motorbike jacket, and i would keis heated gloves, normal winter gloves and then heated grips and hand guards. Oh and the customary Neck protection. I was very warm until I hit the motorway
  8. The bike is still under warranty as you rightly said. Doesn't hurt taking it back to a yamaha approved dealership and getting them to have a look at it.
  9. David Baker


    I think your a bit quick to judge the bike. I've had mine for over a year and never had one single problem with it. You checked all your connects and terminals? If you've had it for a week then why haven't you contacted your dealer and asked them to have a look at it? David
  10. good luck mate, i hope you have an arm and a leg to sell...
  11. That's what you can find down the bottom of your shed if your not careful haha
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