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  1. Well i figured i post a quick update, I am supposed to get my parts in tomorrow and then i can finish up the carb and then on Thursday i will be continuing with the gas tank. So far i have degreased the tank but am looking to build a gasket and metal piece to cover the petcock hole and find a suitable rubber cap with an adjustable band around it so its able to be used multiple times to cover the gas cap hole. I am also in the works trying to find another gas cap gasket and have some leads on gaskets from other Yamaha bikes being a suitable replacement but i figure it is going to be a trial and error procedure. Well I will post more tomorrow when the parts arrive!
  2. Well first and foremost, I want to thank you DaVinci for your help, the tank is off and so are the petcock and gas tank cap! Along with that is the broken gas cap gasket that fell apart in my hands as I was coming back to the computer to read your post on this part being hard to find, and now with 3 plus hours of hunting online for it I can attest to its unavailability! lol So you wouldnt happen to have a place to find this small yet necessary part in that wise memory of yours per chance? Tomorrow will allow for the degreasing and cleaning of the rust from the tank and hopefully this week will bring my ordered parts for the carb which is now in pieces in a box! Love the tear down but wish the memory was better, now where does this piece go???? lol
  3. Well I must say that this board is a life saver to me as I have recently begun a restoration of my 1973 Yamaha CT3 and I know that I will be in desperate need of advice and help! I am glad to hear that you have gotten yours up and running Davinci! Congratulations and enjoy the ride! I actually do have a question right off the bat and that is, how do you remove the gas tank? I have a Clymers manual and it says nothing about it but if this motorcycle ran off of rust I would be good to go for a long time but unfortunately those kinds of things never happen so alas I am in need of a good Kreem bath for it! Any help you have is greatly appreciated! Also what fuel filter did you finally find that worked? I am in need of one of those as well and havent found anything to my liking either! Thanks Nate
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