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  1. There's a new motorcycle gear shop opening in Weston Super Mare next monday (27th feb 2012) JDL Motorcycle Gear is owned and run by Kevan Scott (head Marshall at weston Bike Night) and his family they supply everything motorcyclists might need (except for the bikes). He's got TEA and CAKES too! even on Sundays, so worth dropping in for that alone! Stock includes Helmets, Clothing, Spares, filters, Batteries and loads more. Have a look at their web site http://www.jdlgroup.eu/10.html The shop is pretty easy to find......... Coming from Bridgwater: A370 Bridgwater road - Turn right (at the Hospital roundabout) onto the Broadway - Turn Left at the mini roundabout onto Winterstoke Road - then 1st Right into LYNX CRESENT. JDL motorcycle Gear is on the righthand side. Coming from WSM/Bristol: Straight up Winterstoke road - Over Hump backed bridge - Take the 4th Left into LYNX CRESENT. JDL motorcycle Gear is on the righthand side. Grand Opening Monday 27th February.......Check it out!
  2. Buy the right tools for the job, makes life so much easier http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SEALEY-VS402-Vacuum-Tester-Brake-Bleeding-Kit-NEW-/250917702715?pt=UK_Diagnostic_Tools_Equipment&hash=item3a6bdc4c3b
  3. My back hurts..........lots!
  4. surely, due to your current state of health a name change is in order......from Columbo to Columbago
  5. I was thinking...........if I asked enough people for different parts of the same bike, I could in theory get a brand new bike for Christmas!
  6. Leatherat

    NEC 2011

    I rode up with 3 mates, it didn't take us long to get there Great show, but pretty much the same as last year really, even so we all had a good time. Then a spirited ride home but by the time we got to Micheal wood services it was time to call in for a coffee and a go on the hot air blowers in the bogs. Fully refreshed and somewhat warmer we fired up the bikes, I paddled mine backwards out of the parking bay, but boy was it hard work.......F£%K IT! Rear tyre puncture............Took me another 4 hrs to get home on the back of an RAC truck. (Note to self.........change wheels from spokes to mags and carry a repair kit!!!!!)
  7. It's been fine on mine. I apply AC- 50 around October and wash the bike as normal. once it's dry I wipe the ACF-50 rag over all the accesible bits, the less acsessible bits are still covered in the stuff, 'cause it really isn't easy to wash it away. I've come across no problems doing it like this. People do say spray it on at the begining of winter then don't wash it untill spring, but if you've missed a bit, by spring it's too late.
  8. Unless your mechanic has access to a Dynometer it'll all be guess work anyway.
  9. Really???? No offence Touts, but............Really????
  10. Well, have a look at this baby! This is a Harley Davidson Heritage Softail (See a vague resembelance to the Dragstar? Hmmm...........I wonder what Yamaha used for inspiration?)
  11. You've had it about a week then! Well done, be safe and lucky.
  12. I have a Harley, I sold my 650 Dragstar to buy it (had to put a shed load more cash into the pot though) In my opinion.................. 650 Dragstar: The bike looked fantastic, rode very well, was vey comfortable and never let me down. General consumable parts were readilly available and fairly affordable. I fitted a screen (which made motorway cruising speeds so much more acceptable) a pair of leather saddlebags and straight through exhausts, all of which made the bike look more like the Harley Davidson Heritage Softail that I really wanted but couldn't afford. I found the only real downside of the XVS650 Dragstar is the power output. They're just too gutless, they are ok in town, but on the open road there's just not enough go. I don't want to ride like rossi, but if I'm following a car at 50 on a national speed limit road, I like to be able to snap the throlle open and overtake without it taking all day. I think if I'd have bought the 1100 dragstar I'd have kept it, rather than buying the Harley. Harley Davidson: The Harley really is a great bike.........no really, it is. It has nearly double the CC's of the Dragstar producing an abundance of low end torque, it's not fast, although it's faster than the dragstar, in a straight line it's stable and feels great, but in a corner, its a bit like sitting on an Iron bed frame on a bouncy castle (which has a charm of its own I guess) Parts are readilly available, but unless you're very selective as to where you shop, can be astronomically expensive (how's £5.20 for a brake calliper bleed nipple sound!) The good things about Harleys are numerous....... including the whole Wild Hog-esque sub-culture you by into. It seems to be generally accepted that the Harley is not a well built or reliable bike, but speaking as I find, mine has yet to give any creedance to that ascertion, having never let me down mechanically, oh and they do hold thier price, resale values are always good, unlike the vast majority of Japanese machines I've had over the years. The XVS650 is what it is, and for the price what it is is a good bike, and the one in the pics above looks great, whether it looks like a Harley or not.(loose the whitewalls though)
  13. We need pictures (of both) before a considered opinion can be offered.
  14. When I got one of those around 15yrs ago the thought of giving up riding crossed my mind, but quickly passed, although I made a consious decision never to leave the house on a bad word or without telling the family I loved them. However, 15yrs later I now face a dilemma, how do I feel about next year, when the 50cc machine being looked at in the window of the bike shop actually turns up on the drive???????? I very much run the risk of being Mr Hyporcritical, but we can't dismiss the facts........bikes are not safe, and we run the risk every day. I'm not sure I can allow that risk to be taken by people I love.........even though they do.......everyday.
  15. Leatherat

    NEC 2011

    I'll be there on Tuesday, looking forward to it. Travelling up from Weston Super Mare with 3 others, unlike last year when I rode up alone, with my mate following in his car! He was supposed to ride as well but whimped out!.............. it was cold though, snow on the outside lane of the M5! I was bloody freezing, and when I pulled into the free parking sponsored by Yamaha in Hall 1 around 10.00am ther wer only 7 bikes including mine. On my return to my bike after hours of wandering around thawing out, ther were still only 19 bikes although the show was very busy. The weather is rather warmer this year so perhaps this time there will be more show goers on two wheels.
  16. I'm lead to believe that's a pretty normal day driving in the cities on the Sub continent.
  17. It depends on the chain, Split links are not recommended for use with 'O ring' Chains. If your chain is a plain (i.e not an O ring chain) then you're on to a winner, if its an O ring chain..........you're not.
  18. Well, it's about time! BTW, there's no such thing as a mid life crisis............you might die tomorrow.........which makes today a little more advanced than half way, don't it. Be lucky.
  19. Good looking machine that! (Although I might be a little biased there..........you didn't buy it off me did you????? LOL!) Ttaskmaster is of course correct (isn't he always!) when he states the ACF50 stuff being a must, I carry a rag (yellow duster type) in the panniers, soaked in the stuff and wipe the bike down at every opportunity.
  20. Hi, I don't know the answer to your question but this might be a worthy investment. http://www.blujay.com/item/Yamaha-LB80-3D-Champ-Service-Manual-1976-2050000-3711617
  21. Hi Georgiev, firstly .......Congratulations! As for your question, the answer is YES you can now, as the holder of a Full motorcycle licence, ride any machine you care to. When you passed your MOD 2 test, the examiner will have given you a Pass Certificate, which will prove your entitlement untill your full licence arrives from the DVLA. The fact that you are not in receipt of the actual licence document does not lessen your entitlement to use your full licence status. I'll say that again Full licence status........don't that sound great! Well done, be lucky & ride safe.
  22. That really does look a fine ride! Don't be lazy on the cleaning regime.........it won't take long for winter to really fuck it up. Those saddle bags are good too, the way they un zip is a great help for maintainance and for touring. I'm guessing here, but they must have come as an option when the bike was new because mine came with them, although they had been badly neglected and were knackered.
  23. The guy who does my MOT's says that as long as the pipes are not marked 'not for road use' or 'Racing only' they're fine. Infact he says even if they are marked as such he can legally provide an MOT certificate if you cover the words (with a sticker) so that he cannot see them as he's not allowed to remove the sticker. As for the noise, I find that my helmet (Caberg Justimo GT flip front) causes the most noise and thats why I ought to wear ear plugs rather than the noise from the pipes. I can't wear ear plugs as I find they cause me to feel so disengauged from whats happening around me, which make me feel quite unsafe, Maybe I should invest in a more expensive helmet which has a better noise dampening design. Yeah I know, most don't..........but the myth of the Wild Hogs still reverberates around, and anyway, perhaps it would be good if it were true, then.......in a few months time when the financial shit really hits the fan there will be a plethoria of these 'Professionals' desperate to shift their Heritage softails and Ultra classics quickly and at rock bottom prices LOL!
  24. D'you know............I ride a Harley..........I hang out with peple who ride Harleys............sure some are reasonably wealthy, lets face it, to own most Harleys you've got to have a few quid, but the people I've met have generally been regular guys who have owned bikes for years and always aspired to owning a Harley. The majority are not 'Badass Outlaw' but certainly no less the biker than your average jap rider, infact there are some real nasty looking dudes that wear a HOG chapter patch, but even the ones who don't fit the characature of 'Badass Outlaw' you really wouldn't want to piss off. I find that most people who slag off Harleys and their riders have little in the way of experience of either the bikes or the riders. The HOG members have a great time, attending rallies in this country and abroad, going on ride outs, and yes attending parades and carnivals, all of these activities are bike based, with the added bonus of lashings of beer. Oh, and my Harley is much louder than your 650 Dragstar, even with your straight through pipes, gauranteed, I know 'cause I've had both LOL!.
  25. I know this has been posted several times before, but have alook at this site........http://www.650ccnd.com/.........more info than you can shake a big stick at! Grab a coffee/Beer, sit, read, digest.......then get out into the garage!
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