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  1. I will ahve a look tomorrow and get back to you mate Thankss
  2. oww it Rectangular with two curved edges
  3. It is like this guys :- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4Xhmw5zIi4 And i have not checked the exhust, is its not open fully on the exhust do you just puch it open? Cherss matee
  4. Hello everyone. I have a 2001 dtr 5000miles, i have brought a new exhust, taken out the reed switch and unpluged the PV and put it fully open. But it still wont go past about 65mph and there is no drive in th gear if anything it gets slower in 6th? Dose anyone know if there is a different restriction on it or any other way to improve the bike performance? Any Adive greatly appreceated
  5. Yoo Does anyone know the best chain/sprocket for a dt125 2001 for acceleration? If so were could i get it from ? Thanks Everyone!!
  6. How do you position it because when i try to pull it over the hole when i put the key in it just moves back? Thanks for the help
  7. Hello again I have a 2001 dt125r and was wondering if you can upgrade the power valve? or tune it? i know on older models you could keep it open for more rev.. but on the newer models the valve is electric so is there any way of gettin it to stay open? Thanks everyoneeeee
  8. yo, I have unrestricted my dtr125 2001 and put a big one system on it, i was just wondering how i could improve the performance more any suggestions? Thanks everyone!
  9. Connor dt


    Dose anyone know the best paint to get from spraying handle bars sprockt ect.. Thanks everyone
  10. Yeah i know but would be fun to do
  11. I would love to do that to mine
  12. Do you know the best place to get a 240 jet? Thanks vez always helpful
  13. Hello! Im gettin a big one full system for my 2001 dtr 125, but i wont to also re-jet the carb Can anyone show me how to re-jet pleaseee Thanks as always
  14. Is it difficult to rejet? Also How
  15. I was goin to get a Big One Exhust soon so i was just goin to leave it for know, do you think i should re attach the reed to stop damage? thanks
  16. I think im goin to get a proper 1 Also mate my bike struggles to get over 60-65mph iv taken out the reed, but not the exhusts restriction i was wondering if there is anything else to do
  17. thanks you both very helpful i wont bother
  18. HELLO I was thinking about gettin a digital speedo for my 2001 dtr but was wondering if there is any way of gettin a fule gadge fitted in it ? Thanks as always Connor
  19. it is a dtr, i just wont some supermoto tyers for it.
  20. Everyone Im looking to bye more supermoto tyers for my 2001 dtr Dose anyone know were i can fined some Thankss
  21. Hello Again, I have a 2001 dtr and wont to convert it to a supermoto i have a picture of the bike on my profile. (not sure how to add a pic to posts ) If anyone can help i would be greatful thank you all!
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