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  1. Got mine today too - thanks muchly Drewpy Now I just have to find someone to sew them on for me
  2. Nope - I'm too young to remember The Magic Roundabout!
  3. Mine is called Bryan. My first bike (a DT50 MX) was Rex. I say hello to him every morning when I leave the house (I don't commute). Is that weird?
  4. Thanks Gas up Thing is, I'm planning on taking my A1 sometime in the next year, so I really need to get into the habit of doing things the 'right' way. By the book, as it were. Oh, and I haven't even attempted filtering yet - too scary!
  5. Thanks guys So... It's OK to go from 2nd to neutral then? I've done it by accident a couple of times but I thought it was a bad thing. Can I go back up from neutral to 2nd too? Without breaking the engine, I mean? Can I start the bike from a stop that way? So far (touch wood) I've not had any embarassing moments at lights or anything after stopping / slowing down to first. It's just hills that are my nemesis I'm quite looking forward to getting new tyres, lots of people have said how much of a difference they make. I've got to do 350 miles in the next 3 weeks so I can book in for its first service, and just the thought of better tyres gives me more confidence
  6. Hello folks, Having only done about 200 miles since I got my YBR (I'm not counting however many miles I did way back when I had my first bike in '93), I was wondering if some of you could help me with some noob questions? 1) When I come up to a red light (for instance) I go... See red light, clutch in, down down down down to first gear, coast to a stop at the light still in first with the clutch in, ready to go again. Is that bad for my engine? It's what I used to do before, but neither of my CBT instructors ever actually told me what I should be doing. Should I be changing gear down one at a time with throttle in between? Because the bike doesn't seem to like that (it goes a bit lurchy), and there's not always time. When I'm cruising along in 5th, not full throttle (because the manual says NO FULL THROTTLE!!!! between 90-300 miles), at 50ish mph on a nicely tarmacked road, what should my revs be? Because my manual says during break-in, don't run at 6000 revs for extended periods, but in the above scenario, my engine is doing between 5-6k revs as standard. Purring along nicely though, it doesn't sound like it's working particularly hard or anything. Is that too high? lastly) On this particular country lane I've travelled a couple of times, where the road has obviously been mullered by tractors or something and the first layer of tarmac is gone in some places, and there's re-tarmaced bits in others, my handling is REALLY sketchy. It feels like the bike is wobbling all over the place trying to throw me off. Is this the road or my (stock) tyres? I don't remember it being this bad with my old bike and I lived in an even more rural area then. Although that was a DT50 MX so I think it had more chunky tyres? I'm getting Michelin Pilot Sportys next weekend - do you think that will improve the handling on less than perfectly tarmacked roads or should I just avoid them in future? Sorry for the essay. Hope someone can help
  7. That's a good idea. Back when I was a noob (OK - so it was only last week!) I couldn't see any obvious place to post my intro so I stuck it in General, only to realise later that most people put theirs in The Bar. I did look in the 'for the newbies' pinned post in General but that's just a disclaimer and a pointer on how to subscribe. I did put my noob question in the appropriate section though
  8. Sorry to hear about your predicament Drewpy. I wouldn't rush into the teaching arena though - I work at a college and we've had redundancies here for the last two years running, due to massive cuts in government funding. Might be better up in your area, but down here people are leaving education in droves because there's no job security any more. Although saying that, it seems to be mainly FE colleges that are affected - schools and universities not so much.
  9. Call me a cynic, but I don't think 'Janet' is a real person. That signature (or ones very much like it that point to the same website) pops up a lot on various forums from new members who fill in no other profile information and never post again But just in case... Welcome!
  10. Thanks 2 Wheels, at the moment the whole world is quite right to doubt my riding ability - I hadn't ridden for about 16 years, and I'm truly awful. I also don't remember being so scared of everything when I was 17! I think where I went wrong with the hill start is I was using the front brake. Felt a bit wobbly using the back brake. There's some good quiet hills round here to practice on though, so I'm going to take your advice
  11. Hello, I'm new here so I thought I'd come and introduce myself, since I plan on sticking around I had a DT50 MX many many moons ago and only just got round to getting another bike, with Yamaha being my primary choice since I remember that first bike fondly, so I've gone out and got myself a shiny new YBR 125 (I considered the Honda CBF too, but I didn't like the big plastic pointy nose). Shame about the giant ugly L plates, but I plan on getting my A1 some time in the next year so I can bin 'em. Can't see myself ever getting anything bigger - I'm the complete opposite of a speed freak. I know absolutely nothing about bikes, apart from what pleases me aesthetically, and I'm proper RUBBISH at riding at the moment. You do NOT want to be behind me on the road The other day I had to stop on a hill and I couldn't get the damn thing going again Any tips very welcome! Anyway, YOC seems like a nice friendly place to hang out, so I'll see you all about
  12. Hello, New here and I uploaded a stock photo from the Yamaha site before I realised I actually had one I'd taken... But I can't seem to find any way to delete the other photo?! Not that it matters, I suppose - I put a copyright thingy in, but it seems pointless having what's basically the same photo twice! (I couldn't delete the whole album either, it says I don't have permission)
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