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  1. Hi I am restoring a 1982 SR125SE and I am looking for the part numbers for the front suspension springs can any one help with this one. Nigel
  2. Hi I am needing help about the electrics to my 1985 SR125SE. I have had to replace the loom from a newer bike Circ 1991, I have checked the loom for continuity as well as the switches all that needed replacing was the rear brake switch and the ignition key to they were replaced and also checked for continuity and passed but i still cannot get any thing on the dash to show up i know i dont have a side stand switch as my model never had them fitted, and also noticed that according to the bible that is haynes bot for the 1982-1984 manual and the new on for 1982 - 2003 there is a spur from the br
  3. What type os spanner should i use to take on the threaded plug
  4. Hi all I am currently restoring a 1985 SR125 and was wondering if it is possible to use the fork stations and internals from a 2001 set of forks as the top ens where they go in to the yokes are different but according to the bible that is haynes it just tells me how to take them off so I am thinking its ok to strip the newer ones and then use the internals and the tops on my bike. Can anyone help me. Nigel,
  5. Hi there I am Nigel and i am from manchester i own a SR125 and currently in the process opr restoring it so should be a good project
  6. HI there this is just out of curiosity but i think I have the oldest SR125 in the UK still running. Mine is a 1985 version i know a lot of the peeps on here is from the 90's and the 2k era so is mine the oldest. Tell me how old is yours.
  7. it is worth trying this company out www.rsbikepaint.com they have a vast array of paints but also have at tool to tell you what the paints are for the moddel and year.
  8. bikerboi36

    Bike Names

    I have named my Sr125 Brenda as its a B reg and like the TV's on a certain advert its big and strong
  9. bikerboi36


    Hi hope someone can help I think the problem is that the battery is low but advice needed. when i start the bike it wants to trun over and will fire the started but then cut out and all i then get is a clicking noise srom either a solenoid or a relay there is power going to the lights and this quickly drains. Am i right about the battery needing a charge. Many thanks Nigel
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