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  1. LoL Allow Vikii, she's actually a sket for havin a go at 14 year old kids that haven't done anything bad, just cause you had it tough doesn't mean that you can make everyone around you feel shit, totally lost the rest of the respect i had for you, you might just turn around and never say a word to me again, don't even look at me.

  2. Assassins Creed 2 here I come :)

  3. Metallica in the morning

  4. shit I'm actually hook on assassin creed 2 lol

  5. Yeh Boy, Got new bit's for my DTR, can't wait to get it to the race track :)

  6. oh allow Assassin's Creed 2, I wanna sleep lol

  7. Small mistakes are more painful on 125cc than I expected, Aww my bum.

  8. WTP Reason BMX for £150, any one interested?

  9. For all of you that got School today, YOU ARE FAGGOTS :P

  10. Hi, my name is Bartek and I'm 16, I live in England and obviously I own an Yamaha Something about me: English isn't my first language so I do make mistakes, I study mechanics but I'm just started and my knowledge is poor I started driving this year in march, everything started with Aprilia SR50, thank I moved onto Aprilia RX50 and got into heavy off-roading that my Aprilia RX50 can't really handle and not long ago my friend offered me an Yamaha DT125 in good condition and in perfect working order for amazing price of £150 although it was without v5 papers so it's not road legal any more and luckily I prefer it this way as there are less things to brake when I crash I was stupid enough to brake it couple days ago by cutting some wires off and engine wouldn't start again and that's why I'm here, to fix but also rebuild my bike I want to rebuild it, clean everything out and paint the frame silver, leave my panels blue but add Red Bull Stickers, I want to get Renthal FatBars (Red) and DEP Exhaust system so everything will be in RedBull theme
  11. Thanks for the help, when I was cleaning the engine I found another number: 1N23456 Will this help to tell what model it is? Also when I finish cleaning it, I will take pictures of the engine and all the electronics that I have left on it and the ones that I have cut EDIT, I just noticed that this is the gearing 1 N 6 lol
  12. Yeh it wasn't a smart thing to do and every mistake I make is a new lesson... So I need all the wiring? Because I would really prefer to drop all the electronics cause you really don't need them, I want it to be simple that if it brakes, I can fix it straight up.
  13. Okay, I had another check and sticker is there but some one painted over it (me ) , all I can read out after scrubbing the paint off is A instead of B next to that black circle.
  14. Hmm very possible that it's an import, it doesn't have an speedometer as I already got it converted for off-roading only and I did cut the speedo wires and I'm quite good at soldering So what do I have to do to get it working with as little cables as possible?
  15. There isn't any sticker on the frame however I got the engine serial: *4bl-146224* Will this help to identify my bike?
  16. It does have an Power Valve and I will check the frame numbers later. Engine was running 20 minutes before I decided to cut the cables off so fuel/air mixture and compression is good.
  17. Sorry, I forgot Hi, I'm not really sure what model it is other than DT125, when I got it, it didn't have any documentation or prove of what year it is but it is an Yamaha DT125 and I think that it's a recent one, How can I identify an year of production of DT125? Because I cut off all the other cables other than one from magneto
  18. Okay, I was trying to be smart and being 16 I failed, I got an Yamaha DT125 and not sure what year it is however it's or was in decent condition before it got to me... It was road legal but person before me used it for off roading only so he took all the lights off and switches but left the wiring, I decided to cut some of it and I failed horribly, I cut off most of the cables and now my engine wouldn't start no matter what I do, it does have a spark but it wont start I do have a basic knowledge but not enough to fix this problem by my self and basically I want to have as little cables as it's possible, I want to have as little electronics as it's possible because than less electronics there is than less things there is to brake and fail. So, I need to get my engine and only engine working, I don't need any lights or horn, I want as little electronics as it possible but I don't know which one's I need to get my engine working again and I would appreciate any help...
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