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  1. LoL Allow Vikii, she's actually a sket for havin a go at 14 year old kids that haven't done anything bad, just cause you had it tough doesn't mean that you can make everyone around you feel shit, totally lost the rest of the respect i had for you, you might just turn around and never say a word to me again, don't even look at me.

  2. Assassins Creed 2 here I come :)

  3. Metallica in the morning

  4. shit I'm actually hook on assassin creed 2 lol

  5. Yeh Boy, Got new bit's for my DTR, can't wait to get it to the race track :)

  6. oh allow Assassin's Creed 2, I wanna sleep lol

  7. Small mistakes are more painful on 125cc than I expected, Aww my bum.

  8. WTP Reason BMX for £150, any one interested?

  9. For all of you that got School today, YOU ARE FAGGOTS :P

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