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  1. basically i put in a new rear suspension on my bike and recent ly its started to really creek when i go over bumps in the road. i dont think theres anything wrong wit it as its only been on there a month at the most ive tryed spraing wd40 on the ends on the springs as i thought it might be that but no change. any ideas?
  2. i recently had a problem with my tzr not starting, just after a rebuild and i ran it in very gently so i didnt think of looking at the rings but before we found out it was the rings if it was kicked over hard it felt like all of the compression was still there but if it was kicked over slowly there was no compression atall, maybe this might help? its always a good idea to give the carb a good clean with some carb cleaner and squirt out all of the jets and the reeds also if its a 2 stroke. (Y)
  3. Right it was my rings which was a supprise cause they were new. my bottom ring as stattered and the top one was wedged in place because the piston at the front had some scoring on it that held the ring in place :S but the bore is still fine ? anyone have any ideas how this could have happened?
  4. i did take off the head and check the barrel for signs of damage but there didt seem to be anything other than a couple of line that you can only just feel with your fingernail, it did have a new piston + rings and a rebore when it was rebuilt so that why i was a bit shocked about the compression problem. i did use new oil seals i also put in new big ends, little ends, conrod and main bearings. il investigate some more possably tomorrow, and again thanks for your help
  5. thats what my tzr kept doing before it completely stopped! it done like 30 miles to a plug im not having much luck with this bike.
  6. thanks dude il give that a look i took the head off today and looked into the barrel to see if i had broken rings but there didnt seem to be any damage to the berrel atall other than very fine up and down lines, i guess from running in as its only done 280 miles since the rebuild. one more thing the compression was only at 50 psi.. im not sure if it was the tester or i have a low compression problem but im not sure what the compression of the bike is supposed to be anyway. thanks for your help dan.
  7. i have the same problem with my tzr. at first i thought it might have been the coil so i spent 35 quid on a new one cause i could only get genuine and still the same thing. it doesent evven fire atall and i have fuel, spark, and air like you. if i get a solution i will let you know, and you could give me a hand if you find out wats causeing your bikes problem (Y)
  8. paddok stands? thats what i always use. you have to get front and rear ones tho, they are good (Y)
  9. right i have just rebuilt my tzr 125 1989 all of the engine parts are in extremely good condition, i have just done about 280 miles after the rebuild running it in gentally keeping it under 5000k and now its not starting atall. its not firing atall i dont know what the problem is because i have a reasonably good spark lots of compression carb seems to be working fine as you can smell the petrol when its kicked over without the plug in. the oil mix is set to standard from the haynes manual as is the fuel mixture. i really dont know why its not fireing, it should be as it has a spark :S if you h
  10. my tzr has started to eatplugs after about every 30 miles, but my spark is quite weak and when i put the same spark plug in a little puch moped the spark is much greater and the puch is a lower voltage. so im thinkning my ignition coil is getting buggered, im guessing if the spark is so weak after a few miles of oil getting burned onto it and oil not burning pproperly the spark could be not enough to ignite the fuel properly anymore, im going to change my coil. if you want to know if it worked sent me a message if you still come on here (Y)
  11. right im looking in my haynes manual now and the black wire comes from the battery and goes to pretty much every part of the bike that has electrics. the yellow wire goes to the flywheel generator. and the brown and yellow wire, well it dosent seem to have any importance it just goes to a little square thing it isnt even in the key :S. hope this helps.
  12. do you mean the black and yellow wire or the individual black wire and yellow wire?
  13. im planning on rebuilding my bike as it has a leak in the crank case somewhere which is causeing it to idle high, cut out and not rev smoothly. has anyone rebuilt one of these before, when taking it apart what things must be replaced i know i need to get new gasgets do i need new rings too? any info you have on the topic would be halpfull, thanks, Dan.
  14. my friend owns an srx 400 and they looked into an electic start for it but they only do them for the 600 version. so lucky for you yeah they do them.
  15. yeah ive been told this could also be the problem, sigh, thats expendsive isnt it?
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