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  1. Hi. i reecently purchased a ybr 125 that i thought to be very good, i ran it in doing 300 mile at under 5000 rpm like i got told, after this i wanted to take it upto is top speed and it would only go about 70-75 at a push, i was wundering if any 1 new how to makeit go faste any information would begreat thanx
  2. usualy you needto upjet it about 10-15 for it to run properly and dont put clutch springs on if you only have a pipe and lighter rollers, it will be too hard for the engine to rev, i found this out personaly, try asking chris at adrenaline pedstop
  3. thats shit whoever told you that, buy a 9 rollev variator it comes woth tighter clutch springs, you dont need to change your clutch unless it has worn out or your raceing it and want a lighter 1wich wud last about 2 mins
  4. depends on how much u wana spend realy, ive got a tt pipe on what i got for under £100 from adrenaline pedstop with some 3g rollers, it does about 65 on flat and can limit it down hills, wich is very fun but the only problem is it takes a while to get ther because its cheap, a polini for race cost about £125 but its meant for raceing so it has its downsides but the do make a difference, also a variator would help with the top speed
  5. i did this with a standerd 50 kit, just bought a polini kevlar belt and chewed it up in 5 days i ruined my variator and crank like you, i just stook with a normal belt and a polini variator from adrenaline pedstop, everything is running fine for now. every1 i no whos had a better belt on ther bikes has snaped it there a waste of monney
  6. sounds to me like your fueling is rong and getting too much oil, normaly the jets are about 60 when they are standerd but with ware and tear they do need to be changed try a 63-64 or if you get a performance exhaust on they need upjeting by about 10 sepending on how good it is
  7. i had a similar problem with my aerox, i took the carb off cleaned it, cleaned the filter job lott, as i was putting it back on i tryed starting it without the filter on using easystart and it started to fire but when i stop using easy start it kept splutering so i put my hand over the part of the carb were the filter goes on and found it was forcing the fluid out and one of my reeds had broke. that was the problem so have a look on yours only cost me about £10-15 to fix
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