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  1. Rizo

    Bugger. :(

    Good news on the cat. Calipers freed up and exhaust welded to correct blow (thank fek downpipes not gone), just fork seals to do. All being well should get her back tomorrow or Monday
  2. Thundercat Parts Manual
  3. Rizo


    Does anyone else here have an interest in moto-x? My 14 year old son participates in this mental 'sport' where broken collar bones / fingers are common place. He's been riding for about a year after moving on blatting around on a quad and talks nothing but MX. He uses language that simply passes over my head (although I now know what a 'whip' and 'kicker' is) and costs me a bloody fortune. It does, however, give him a healthy respect and passion for everything two wheels and he has learned how to strip most of the bike down already (and put it back together, in the right place ) . He's currently riding a 2003 Honda CR85 (which is 'well tricked out') and hopes to move onto a 150 by the end of the year. Here are some pics of my Son getting 'some air' on a 'kicker'. Well proud Dad, I am... Mx # 1 Mx # 2
  4. Rizo

    Dunton to Harwich ride 2005

    In aid of Essex air ambulance, September 2005.
  5. Rizo

    Misc Bikes

    Various pics of pre owned bikes, wanna-own bikes or just because I like the photo :)
  6. Rizo

    Mod 1 fail

    Christ, when I passed my test there was a bloke standing on a corner speaking to me via a crappy radio link. How things change! Not sure if I could go through convoluted process now. Good luck with your revisit to mod 1. My hat goes off to you....
  7. Rizo

    Bugger. :(

    Thanks merv, I'll see they can be freed up by my tech, if not I'll contact nick. Cheers
  8. Rizo

    Bugger. :(

    Just spoke to someone who was recommended by someone else. Quoted me £250 all in, subject to the calipers not requiring a rebuild. If they do it's £150 per caliper (eek). Taking it in Wednesday. The cat has only done ten miles in a year so there's a good chance it's due to too much standing around idle. Good luck Gas up!
  9. Rizo

    Bugger. :(

    Well it had to happen, my delight has now given way to despair. The cat went in for its MOT today and it FAILED. The three failures are: 1. Binding front caliper 2. Leaky fork seals 3. Exhaust blow (gasket). These are all repairable but its a pain in the ass as I was hoping to get the cat on the road this week. <sighs>
  10. Just taken the cat in for it's MOT, tech took a sharp intake of breath and said my front tyre is 'feathering' and my rear is nearing it's wear marker. Both legal but I will need new boots for the cat. Any recommendations on makes / type? Mainly commuting use with the odd long range blat. Ps. Anyone explain feathering to me???
  11. That's interesting. Traffic officers undergo extensive advanced driving courses and have to undertake a three week road traffic law course to learn the finer points of traffic law, however it is most 'wooden tops' who undertake reinforcing most of the minor traffic stuff in our towns & cities due to the lack of traffic bods. It is a training issue no doubt, but a lot of it comes down to the sort of person they are.
  12. Rizo

    hi newbe

    Hi mate, welcome...I'm a noob myself, just finding my round. There's lots here, been picking up some knowledge on my bike on my travels. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Cheers, kev.
  13. I went to Normandy in sep 09 with a few mates by car and saw a lot of bikers there. One of the reasons I recently bought a sports tourer is so that I can revisit this amazing part of France which is literally dripping in history. If you organise another one next year I'll def be up for it. Hope u had a great time.
  14. I owned an RD125DX back in the day and have many happy memories. I always wanted an LC ypvs but never got round to it. My mate had an RD400 which was a hooligan bike. Notts is a bit far for me, but would be really interested in seeing some pics if anyone makes it.
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