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    kymco kr sport 125cc but now has a g reg fzr 400cc 3tj

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    bikes and cars and girls lol
  1. damoon

    ye old bikers nod

    haha just noticed wot i put i think ill edit that 1 haha
  2. damoon

    ye old bikers nod

    i dont get as much nods on my fzr 400 as i did wen i was rocking L plates few week ago so yh i think it is like saying welcome to 2 wheels it feels good when you do get nods
  3. damoon

    my fzr 400

    thanks for the reply mate ill be having a look now
  4. hi there i have a plastic tank under my rear seat of my fzr 400cc 3tj and it seems to b leaking i was wonder wot it is and can i ride round aslong as i keep topping it up i was wondering if its my coolent or anything thanks
  5. damoon

    my fzr 400

    thanks i know im well happy with the bike think the only fault with it is a tiny leak on 1 ov the forks i plan on putting an r6 tail on it soon but im not sure wot other mods like this can be done to the bike do any of you have any ideas thanks
  6. damoon

    my fzr 400

    here is my g reg fzr 400 i just got i did a straight swap for my 59 reg kymco kr sport 125
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