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  1. anyone recommend a good chain/type for my tdm 850 1999, kinda out of touch with chains as had shafties for years. ta much.
  2. ta will check them out
  3. anyone got a good condition set for sale
  4. need to remove all my ads relating to top boxes and rack for my tdm as I got one no point in keeping the ad on cheers
  5. how do u remove stuff from the wanted and for sale forums cant see the link or am I just thick don't all rush to answer that one
  6. looking to change the exhaust on my tdm 850 4tx due to the usual rotten collector box anyone got experience of an aftermarket pipe suitable as I have seen a 2-1 system, but unsure if it can just be bolted on without carb adjustments etc cheers
  7. anyone know if I can get rid of the collector box and replace with a different system
  8. BIG  D

    tdm battery 850

    many many thanks lallasro you made it look easy
  9. BIG  D

    tdm battery 850

    anyone tell me how to remove the battery on my tdm without stripping the bike down as if its going in for powder coating. cheers davie
  10. can anyone send me a photo of the two correct positions for the fuel tap on my tdm eg full and reserve .
  11. hi m8 welcolme to the forums yes it can be charged in situe as the tdm is a nightmare to get the battery out.
  12. hi had a few probs starting the yamm but after crossing the solinoid it kicked in, would this be a solinoid prob or a starter motor problem, and how do you remove the battery from the tdm stupid q but i cant access it without removing half the bike, cheers
  13. hi still looking for a sports or whatever rack for my tdm 4tx 850 anything that will fit will be considered, will also consider one with top box someone out there must have one no longer needed cash waiting for right one.
  14. anyone got a centre stand and a sports rack with or without topbox for my tdm 850 4tx, need urgently cash waiting can you email with a possible photo please regards oorwullie
  15. anyone got a sports rack or similar to fit my tdm 4tx 850ccc not bothered about the colour but has to be sound, prepared to get it coated if scuffed. many thanks davie
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