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    My bike,my truck of course.Fencing, I m an epeeist. Reading and films.The great outdoors.
  1. I think I m looking for about £1100 each.
  2. Thanks Drewpy, they re all yours if I dont get a better offer.
  3. Just posted a pic. Everything worked fine, just as it should.
  4. Me and my son have decided to sell our two bikes. The burgundy one is R reg and the creamy brown one is J reg. Both in great condition. Not sure yet what we are charging, we ll have to look it up. If anyone is interested pop a post up. if anyones got any idea what they might be worth that d be a help too. I ll be more than happy to send pics and all information to any one with an interest in buying. Both are runners with no faults that I know of. If anyone want to see them or call round thats good too. I m based in North Manchester. Just need the garage space. The creamy brown one s mine and has been a fantastic bike with no real problems and a very low milage. The red one had some problems right from when I bought it but we tracked them down to a faulty voltage regulator (thanks to you guys) and it seems to have fixed them. Look forward to your views and comments
  5. Glad I saw this . I m having the same problem. Thought it was just me,
  6. Thanks Lads , will do that ! Have a little look at the bikes when I post them and see what you think.
  7. Does the £5 one off club sponsor allow you to post in for sale?
  8. This one for admin. I ve been a guest for a long time but now I want to post an entry in Bikes and stuff for sale. It tell me I cant post a new topic here, which subscription should i get so that I can post there? Thanks
  9. Thanks Airhead, that seems like an easy enough fix. Ladyboy Rider, because whe I first turned up at work on my 535, its a kind of metal flecked browny cream colour, shiney chrome every where and LEATHER TASSLES, coleagues remarked that it looked a bit of a girlie , I said it was all man.... so they christened it The Ladyboy and it kinda stuck.
  10. My sons 535 has a continuing battery problem. To make matters a bit worse it has a (previously fitted) home fitted set of california lights on the front and the wiring is p***poor. Basically it seem to burn through batteries. Could this be caused by a short in the lighting circuit?. I ve taken at least two batteries out and they have had no electrolyte in them at all. A sign of over charging? . The book says you should have a voltage of between 14.3 and 15.3 at 2000 rpm. I have nt got a rev counter but at tick over its around 12v and at at a guestimate of 2000 rpm it comes in at at about 15 (I know ..how do you guess 2000rpm) at top revs it goes up to about 18 volts.......is this too much ....would this cause the battery to overheat?. If so which bit do I need to change, is it just the voltage regulator (is there one?) Advice appreciated. Thanks
  11. Whats this with all the low top speed quotes. Mine happilly accelerates all the way up to 90 i/mph and will register about 100 i/mph on the clock ,all this on a private track of course!.
  12. Can you? How much would that be? I love the pearlised paint on mine and probably couldnt afford a paint job but I could just fit the larger tank when I go on my travels.
  13. Thanks all.I had the bike out for a spin yesterday Id almost forgotten how much fun it is. I must make more time for riding. Had a great day today at a fencing competition only came about 22 out of 64 but had two great fights. Knacked ,bruised and stiff now but very happy.
  14. Thats the trouble with usernames...my real name is Rick
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