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  1. i was fooling around a couple o weeks ago and found a site that gave parts listing that were common to different bikes ie clutch plates fro my xtz were the same as xt 600 blah blah and so on bear ing for this was same as this bike and gave a list of maybe 10 diffedrent bikes that used the same parts but cant find the site for love nor money any body and ideas would be very habndy to have a link on here for it as the russian on is a bit bogey
  2. starter clutch is behind the flywheel the chain from the started should run down to it a good tip wpould be to disconnect the chain from the starter and turn it over and see if there is any grinding from the starter bearings but to be honest a 73 motor will prob not have had the clutch bearing done in a while if at all if you don't feel comfortable doing it get a mate with the know how to do it and show you the ropes do it once and do it right do it twice and waste your night sounds taccy i know but when you do it right you will fell better for it
  3. sounds like the starter motor clutch bearing is worn its a one way bearing when you engage the starter it turns the bearing which spins out and turns the motor over when the engine fires it disengages havin the same trouble with my ride trouble is its a 300 euro fix for mine 73 tx should be fairly cheap enough to sort seems to a common prob on the tx
  4. ah ya see if that were true irishman we would just kick the door down or go in the womens bogs
  5. full weeks work done on the bike and its running sweet
  6. days work done and it went fine no prob job sorted touch wood looking fior a right hand side panel if you know of one lying around any other tips for the tenere appreciated would like to go for the later twin headlight set up dont know if it will fit ? cheers for the info any way it would be good to get a list of compatable parts if you know any fazer 600 generator coil fits for a start you will need the xtz pick up honda cb 500 reg/rec aswell red to red earth to green there are 2 red and two green on the cb 500 any one will do as they are in the same block three other co
  7. well its all back together and sounds sweeet a lot quieter than before replaced the generator coil aswell while i weas at it used one from a fazer 600 but the pick up would not fire so swapped it for the original pickup gonna take it out tomorrow for work a days dispatching will give it a proper test rick the parts were all new superceded parts the pic shows the difference in the color between the new and the old left are the new ones
  8. if the head was blowing you would hear a slight whistling sound as you try to kick it over , if you lift the head look at the gasket and the gasket face of the head a leak will show as a darker color on the metal and on the gasket
  9. if the carb is overflowing it is prob the float needle is either worn or there is dirt stopping it from closing ,make sure its clear and check for signs of wear on the rubber tip of the needle when puttin it back make sure the float is closing properly A good trick is to leave the bowl off the carb connect it to a fuel source[ hold it level as it would be in the bike] hold the float closed and turn on the fuel for a second just enough to let juice through, if it flows through with the float closed you have a needle problem if not let you float free and close it again with fuel running th
  10. what are ya looking for im going out to them on fri to collect my parts i can check with them part numbers would be handy i can get prices and have them for ya fri evening
  11. danfay down in sallynoggin when i said direct i meant i bought off them direct shops will charge ya for the privilage dont ya know good lads out there which wee island you from any were near letter kenny good mate o mine hails from up there have his beemer in me garden doin a bit o work on it for him
  12. ordered the parts today its a first for rip off ireland but the parts came in at 43 euro including vat ,a hell of a lot cheaper than i thought they would be their genuine yam parts aswell got them from the irish yam distributor direct will have them in 48 hrs from holland . oem wanted to charge me 30 euro for a courier can you enlighten me about the dots ? i figured the shafts will have to be lined up will have to read my manual thanks for all the info
  13. stripped the clutch cover off today wood ruff key was split in two on the balance shaft and the washers were worn down luckily the key ways are fine but new parts are a priority now the plus side is its not the crank so no new motor needed i hope see pics completly split lucky it did not seize badly worn away
  14. cheer the part nums would be great is it an engine split job or can i get to the prob easy enough ?
  15. cmon lads must be someone knows something?
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