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    Suzuki GS500 NOW GONEand NEW XJ Diversion 600 owner yeehaaa

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    Motorbikes (obviously ) Rugby league ,Cmon you HUUUULLL FC not rovers,.
  1. Hi all, just wondering why I cant post in the " Wanted" section?? Is it as i'm a newbie or do i have to subscribe ??? Thanks Rich
  2. Bigbuck


    Hi guys, thanks for the replies, went to have another look today and like it even more than saturday, Barkwindjammer, I think I'll keep my model described as a "Yammy 600" ha ha and maybe not a "Divvy" ha ha ha Thanks again Buck
  3. Bigbuck


    Hi All, go easy, first post on here so hello to you all. I currently have a Suzuki GS500 but got the chance of a 1996/7 Diversion, I would just like to hear your opinions of this bike? I am 52 years old so dont want or need something thats going to pull me helmet off, so to speak ha ha, Thanks for all or any replies. Buck
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