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  1. Thanks Houghmade - will do the checks on gaskets as I gradually strip the engine down to find the fault Bit of an update though - thought I'd check the compression again to check the 'poor running' problem. The results were intersting: Right cylinder 140psi just as it should be according to the manual. Left cylinder 105psi way off what it should be!! I rechecked both cylinders, twice, with the same result. There's loads of questions I could ask but I'll stick to topic, so ..... Could the low compression on the left cylinder contribute to, or even cause,
  2. I have recently rebuilt from top to bottom a Yam XS500C, 1977 vintage. The engine was totally stripped down and rebuilt step by step - I'd better point out here that I'm not a mechanic, I just take my time, follow the books and use a bit of 'common' The bike started on second push of the starter button - it's not running right , but I can work on the carbs and timing later. The major problem is that the oil pressure light stays on when running - Not good!! The 'book' says turn off the engine immediately, trace and rectify the fault - that's it I've tested
  3. Bike Owner and amature restorer

  4. Harry - in this day and age what did you expect!! The Web-site at the end of your message isn't exactly informative. You've given no details of yourself in the profile and all we know is that you have a 'client' wanting you to find someone to do the work 99.9% of us are a 'serious group' of people but, as the name suggests - this is the Yamaha 'Owners' Club not a restoration factory I'm sure that anyone in the group will contact you if they are interested in your offer and, if it's genuine, good luck to them. In my view, if something sounds too good to be true - it usually is!! A
  5. misteroe

    seat cowel

    Hi Steve You could try contacting: skidmarx I had the top fairing of my FZ750 damaged and they supplied me with a replacement at a fraction of the cost (£120) of a genuine yamaha part (£350). You will have to paint it or apply graphics but it's still a cheaper alternative. Try the bike painters in your area for panels - I've just been to a guy in Hull and he had racks of panels for 'just in case' repairs - worth a try perhaps? Cheers, Andy
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