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    thundercat 600/ suzuki gsxr 750/85
  1. johna 7

    thundercat 600

    yeah that would be great, did have a look at a couple of them on the net. but the diagrams weren't very clear. i was hoping there might have been a photo of the assembly, from a manual. which would show all the internals assembled,, ready to go into the fork stantion.just in case somethings missing. cheers.
  2. johna 7

    thundercat 600

    Hi, new member. Does anybody have a good diagram or photo of front fork internals, as there assembled. Changing my seals and it looks like the small rebound spring isn't in the right place. sort of jammed looking on the large c clip in bottom of stantion. Looked on the net at manual pictures and very vage looking, were it goes. and looking at it, it doesn't look comfortable anywere. any help appreciated. cheers.
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