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  1. There's a flasher relay located underneath the tank. You might want to check if it needs replacing...
  2. Have you tried rolling the bike to start?
  3. Hey guys! I'll be going to Birmingham for the weekend of week 12 in the end of March, and was wondering if anyone could direct me to stores selling parts for classic Yammers, preferably XJs.. Thanks!
  4. Brake fluid has a tendency to suck up moisture from its surroundings. This is why it turns dark over time. Check your fluid and replace if necessary. You might get away with only topping it off, but a complete replacement should be done every year if you use the bike alot. As suggested above, check the piston and the seals. Seals are cheap on Wemoto. After the piston is out, clean out the caliper with alcohol, taking care to clean the seats where the seals sit. Replace the piston if there are dents on the area that overlaps the seals, as this may leak dirt in and worse - brake fluid out.
  5. You could probably use the 700 carbs, but they need to be rejetted to compensate for the increased amount of airflow / fuel consumption...
  6. Well... it's not an exact science. If you want them to be fixed without worry, go to a mechenic. You're gonna need some tools. It may well be that the investment you're going to make is more than it would cost for a mechanic with these tools in hand to do. If you're still inclined to do it yourself (as it should be), read on.. Information passed on from the xjbikes.com forum Tools needed: Screwdrivers, small flathead for the idle mixture screw and phillips for the butterfly valves Various pliers Wrenches and sockets (the YICS passage is blocked off on either end of the engin
  7. The coils provide high voltage so that the plugs can ignite the fuel/air mixture coming into the cylinder. If you have 4 working cylinders before the bike warms up, and only 2 when it's warm, it would rather indicate wrong fuel/air mixture on these cylinders. It helps to clean the carbs and tune them when the engine is warm. that way, you're synching to the state the bike will be in ideal operating temperature.
  8. Erman

    useful patch

    Dude, that's just nasty.... but funny as hell though
  9. Erman

    interesting bike

    Is that a single-cylinder engine with three valves?
  10. I've had a couple of incidents where cars behind come up real close. I solve this by pressing the rear brake just for the light to flash (I've wired the switch to go off sooner than the brake sets in), and watch their confused faces as they slow down...
  11. I gotta say, I was one of "those" who signed up to get as much information about my then newly bought bike. During the mending process, I make how-tos to suit exactly my bike, so that others who own the same bike can be informed. + the fact that I'm still working on getting the driver's licence, I really don't consider myself as one to disappear once the problem is solved. In order to contribute to a community, one must first have something to contribute. I agree that a lot of first posts with small problems that can be fixed on th fly can be tedious, but a lot of kids nowadays are like
  12. I like the color scheme, but dude, where is the rear grab-bar?
  13. Erman

    xj750 seca carbs

    Before the balancing, did you clean the carbs - like thoroughly?
  14. I second that. Many gurus there..
  15. Nah dude, there are more of us I got me an 82 Seca 750 two weeks ago. 46k mileage. Still purring like a tiger, only minor problems with the fuel system / carbs.. Currently the bike is being used for training, as I'm doing the driver's licence this year. There's a huge overhaul planned for the coming winter. Good luck with your bikes!
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