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  1. Its on the left side of the bike. Take off the chain case cover and you'll find it.
  2. I bought the same filters. The 3 I received are all different lengths, only one of them fit without some coaxing from a hammer.
  3. I live in the US, and every Yamaha I've ever owned has a 3 position ignition that goes [Off-Accessory-Run] (left to right}. On these bikes, the middle position is Run?
  4. I've been slowly working on my '75 XS500 project. I ran into some electrical strangeness yesterday. I repaired a break in a wire yesterday which was preventing anything from getting power. Now, with the key in the middle position the following accessories work: headlamp, all signals, neutral light, producing spark, the horn and starter make only the slightest noise to tell they are receiving some power. No tail light, no brake light and no gauge back-lighting. When I click the key to the full right position, only the head light, tail light and gauge back-lighting works. Any theories?
  5. I don't know the answer to your question, but I am interested to know if its true. There is a guy on ebay that sells xs/xt500 filters for a "reasonable" price. This makes me assume that operable filters are still being manufactured for some application or another. Keep us informed.
  6. LostCost

    SV650 > R6

    While I haven't owned a V-Twin, (well I just bought a '75 XS500, but its not running yet) I have owned two R6's and an FZ1. I think the important factors to understand when comparing an SV with an R6 are the riding position and the torque curve. Clearly that SV has a more upright riding style, while the R6, as all super-sport bikes, has a more aggressive, forward-leaning position. The easiest solution is to sit on one at the dealership for several minutes, and try to imagine being on it for an hour or more. I think the more important feature is the engine, which provides the power band or torque curve. While I don't think there is anything to get used to, people do have their preferences to which they like more. I have no doubt you will have great fun with both motorcycles, but the experience is quite different between the two. You should certainly try to find a friend with an I-4 supersport and get a test ride.
  7. I had a 2002 FZ1 that was 5 years old at the time, kept it for 2 years and about 10k miles, probably the most reliable bike I've ever owned. Sorry for your troubles.
  8. I have ordered pod filters for my XS500 because the stock air-box was missing when I bought the bike. I live in Denver at 5300 feet, is it possible the increased air from the pods will be counterbalanced by the reduced air density at altitude? Or will I likely need to re-jet as well?
  9. I just tried screwing in the PH 6607 and it didn't work for me, the threads didn't match up. This might be because I have a '75 that requires the alternate filter type. Hopefully it works on yours.
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