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  1. Thankyou very much, i do have a K&N air filter replacement which i fitted when i bought the bike as i thought cheaper to pay 50 quid rather than 15.00 quid every year as i am keeping the bike for commuting, i don't want to buy the filters which cost £120.00 for x4 if it makes the bike run rough!! yes it does make the bike sound nice but i was hoping some one would say yes do it!! lol it will make it better!!! i appreciate your input.
  2. Ok chappys i have a yamaha xj 600 1997, i have been tinkering with it and yes i no it is not a sports bike but as with anything i touch i like a little bit more!! it is my first big bike had her for 1 year to date!! but i just had a nice little full stainless jamo system put on and before i get the carbs balanced i thought about getting some direct air filters on the carbs, as in k&n or similar to that, everyone i no says no don't do it!!! but is it really that bad? i mean more air should result in a bit more umphh!!!???? please give me your thoughts oh great one's!!
  3. Wow i seen it all now!!!..
  4. Hmmm...the thing is i have seen ( example ) a 650 honda sitting out side asda 2009 plate with L plates as well?..i only passed 3 weeks ago my self so i no what you can and can't do...< blank stare >..
  5. Ok this may sound really stupid, so i say sorry in advance ...but i have seen bigger bikes ( i.e bigger than 125cc ) going around with L plates and no instructors?...i mean i thought you could only ride 125cc with L plates?....this has been bugging me for a while so am i being daft or am i missing something?
  6. Antz


    My advise is to try out bikes...or at least sit on them and see if it feels comftable for you!!...my mates told me bandit was the way to go but when i tryed one out...( well two ) it just was not right for me, in the end i bought a yamaha xj 600 simply because it felt right and had just enuff power to get passed a moped ...i truly belive you need to try before you buy, every one is different!! one person may think wow and another might think crap! lots of bikes out there mate and enjoy and good luck on your DAS test
  7. I agree with oldtimer..70mph sounds about right
  8. Yep you got me lolll... ('ll stop there before i overcomplicate things)
  9. I no this sounds daft but e-bay....i mean is there any thing they don't sell???...or e.mail breakers around the uk?...for a small fee you can put your request out to all the breakers on certain web sites.
  10. Nice wheels son ya got a pic???...i passed last week so well done!!....but be safe!!
  11. Antz


    That's so bad!! it's sooo sick.....but i can't stop fookin larrfin!!!!
  12. Hi mate i passed my test last week as well nice one bro!!...nice wheels
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