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  1. cheers, yeah cleaned up my earths n spark plug is new aswell, guna b checking the hets on my carb again hopefully thats where the problem is lying as it was stood solid for 11yrs, just annoying that im having to bump it for the moment instead of the kick, thanks for the advice peps really appreciate it
  2. jus put new battery on b4 christmas and i gave it a charge a few days ago, so hopefully it shudnt be my battery
  3. hi kinda new to this and currently i need of a little help, basically ive recently bought myself a 1987 yamaha tzr, iv bought it with intent to rebuild it and get it on the road this year, iv got the bike running fairly well, just got a few nigling problems. when i turn my ignition on my lights dont seem to work, but they do work whilst the bike is running, except my indecaters dont work atall. recently had to clean the carb out was filthy but seems fine now been out running it in. but recently its stopped turning over just checked my spark plug to look for an underlying problem but its jus got a little bit of petrol on it, can anyone identify what would b causing this, guessing the carbs just flooding but just want some advice if anyone can help. cheers luke
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