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  1. webby1

    Module 2

    Well done mate I did mine end of last year best feeling ever
  2. webby1

    Thermstat hosing

    Hi I was stripping my stat out today cos it is running cool and saw that it said 1wg on the housing . Did they use the 400 stat on the 600 cos mine is a 3he and this could be the reason it runnig cool Cheers webby
  3. shocker fitted today and passed mot cheers micky perfect condition
  4. Hi mate I sent you a text message with my addy details cheers
  5. Hi mate how much for the 3he rear shocker posted and is it in good working order cheers webby
  6. wish i coud be out on mine but am just putting a crank seal into her then she is all done
  7. hello as said above i would look at the carb rebber for crack or make sure its back on properly as it sound as though its weak ofter you have had the carb off
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