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  1. how the hell does the seat come off and how and where did you get that sissybar
  2. so really the xs 650 bs34 carb is just like the kogyo xs 400 carb and my main jets are a 125 and a 115 so how much bigger can i go can i put too 135s or a 125 and a 135 or what? ps are they the Large Round Type or small Round Type
  3. did you find out the model of the carb on that maxim 400 i need jets for my 82 maxim 400 and do not know if the bs34 are the same now on my carbs i think the model is kogyo
  4. try useding a screwdriver to tap on the carb blow see if it stops it maby the FLOAT NEEDLE VALVE STICKING
  5. are the xs 650 carbs the same as the xs 400 and what are the carbs on a xs 400 are thay a bs34 or something else i am looking for new jet's and need to know what cards are on my 1982 maxim 400 pls help me it is my first motorcycles thank you all p.s i know the new aftermarket Air Filters i got are 48mm Inside Diameter and fit on my carbs
  6. My bike to is 125 and 115's and new air filters you said some guy is running 130's is that in the left and right. and i got a 1982 maxim 400 to. the carbs on it is mikuni kogyo. are your carbs a bs34 or kogyo. and where did you get your biger jets at. thank you.
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