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  1. fatkid89704

    fz 750 clutch

    does anyone have the acceptable clutch specs for a fz750?got a clutch from a friend and want to make sure it is still acceptable before i put it in.thanx in advance.have a great day. fatkid
  2. fatkid89704

    fzr 1000

    you can try www.ebay.com or goto www.denniskirk.com and possibly www.bikebandit.com they should have most of the parts you need.
  3. you might need to rejett just depends on the bike.as far as a picture goes i will try to find one for you or you can just goto www.denniskirk.com and they have individual air filters for just about every bike ever built or goto your search engine and look for k&n's website and you can buy them there.but i have found that individual air cleaners work way better and give you better performance overall.but once you put on the individuals you will need to resync your carbs.good luck and i will try to find you a pic.
  4. k&n filters do filter out more particles because they use a oil base filter that helps prevent dust and dirt from getting to your engine.i myself would not use one in a stock airbox.i would use four individual filters for better performance.after i put mine on i got about 20% more hp and my milage went up also.i now have more then 45000 miles on my bike and it is still going strong.
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