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  1. Hi mate i have one of these myself and they can be fussy little buggers,sometimes its first kick other times its lots,if you have a spark are you sure the fuel is getting to the chamber?kick it a few times with the choke out and then check the plug which should be wet.the battery being dead wont stop it from firing but when you kick it over the oil and neutral light should come on.if it has been lying like mine was i cleaned the carb out and have had no problems since. cheers
  2. Hi all, ANy suggestions as to how to take the magneto/charging system off an rxs 100 without a puller?I have an oil leak which i am sure is coming rom the front sprocet oil seal but need this lot off to get to it.Its a 96 model and any help is appreciated. Cheers
  3. I would think every single one of us has made a similar mistake,bikes are about learning so no shame,it looks in damn good condition.its repairable so get it back on the road and have a ball.

    RXS 100

    Hi mate,welcome to the forum.I have an rxs 100 myself,great little bike.you can get torque spanners which look just like the wrench but has interchangeable spanner heads,maybe not worth buying to use just the one time but maybe try local tool hire shop?can`t help you on the paint front m afraid but if you have any joy with it post back,i could do with touching up my tank as well. cheers.


    Welcome aboard mate,hope you get your rxs,i have one myself,brilliant wee bikes.
  6. It was mate and i have the horrible feeling now you mention it youre right,i think i read that somewhere,which means no matter how easy it is to drill an easy out still wont do it.maybe have to have a nosey around and see if i can find the mounting for one instead.
  7. Hi Troops, Having a wee spell of bad luck here,Got a puncture on sunday and stripped the wheel off yesterday rim scrubbed down,new rim tape and new tube,while all this was happening my mate knocked the bike over and the mirror got broken,so i tried to unscrew the stock with a view to replacing either the glass or the whole unit,well its a steel stock into alloy fitting and youve guessed it,the bloody thing snapped clean off.Any ideas on the best way to get the remains out?I have a set of easy outs but it must be tight in there to snap off.is the metal on these things hard or will it
  8. Hi mate,without knowing more it could be a multitude of things.Does she do a lot of miles in that time?doyou have to replace the lead or do you just put one on incase?do you always buy the plug from the same place?and is it the proper plug for the bike?do you clean the air filter between times?just a few thoughts to help you narrow it down CHEERS.
  9. CHEERS OLDGIT, Its on order,hopefully wont be long and ill be back in biz.
  10. HI ALL, I went to check the oil pump today and found that the marks dont line up due to the cable being too tight,after this got me thinking i checked all the adjusters(the one for the carb,the one that goes into the oil pump and the one at the throttle)and i found they are all set at the absolute minimum with no way to adjust them,the cables are all tight so i assume its not the proper throttle cable for the bike,anyone know the best place to pick up one for a 96 plate rx-s 100?cheers.
  11. Hi Wizzer,YOU are a gent and a scholar m8,after many hours of searching i finally found the workshop manual and your guide was spot on,even down to the gap measurement.Thanks m8.
  12. Hi ALL, Can anyone tell me how to adjust the oil pump on an r-xs 100?The thing realy guzzles two stroke.The cable is nice and free but the tank can be used in the space of 100 miles or so,Not sure how much it holds,just over a litre i think,its a 96 model and it runs well,just cant keep the bugger going on two stroke lol.any help is greatly appreciated.THANKS.
  13. Are all RS-X 100 6v systems or did they change them later?I am picking up a 1995 model this week and was wondering whether to take a torch with me lol.
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