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  1. I'm coming to get u chief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I'm 2nd!!! how the hell did that happen?? ha ha
  3. Chris 46

    R6 Tyres

    Hi mate, i've a 07 plate R6 but do track days and fast road work and use pirelli corsa III's if that helps?? what years ya 6??
  4. Chris 46

    My Fz6 S2 "08

    Try photobucket mate, works for me
  5. Hi all not been on here for ages so apologies!!!!! i'm in boys
  6. Chris 46

    R6 Headers

    Hi all just a quick question.... i,ve got a 07 R6 and just bought some after market exhaust headers, my question is has anybody changed these?? is it a dealer job or is it something i could do myself??? i'm quite handy with the old spanners but just wondering if it was a big job of not?? doesn't look a big job!!! but was just wondering if anybodys done it??? many thanks Chris
  7. Chris 46

    Torque settings

    Cheers fella, very helpful ta
  8. Chris 46

    Torque settings

    Hi all just wondering if anybody knows the torque settings for the rear wheel spindle nut on a 07 plate R6??? Cheers
  9. Chris 46


    Hi guys just wanting to know how to get my photos onto these posts/topics??? ta
  10. Hi mate, i've got an 07 R6 with a racefit growler on and she sounds/looks mint, racefit r in my opinion one of if not the best exhausts u can buy, pure titainium!!! weighs feck all and looks the dogs!!! (abit pricey but hey she's worth it!!!) just type in racefit on google enjoy!!
  11. Chris 46

    Side stand

    Cheers fella, one nill to me!!! ha ha
  12. Chris 46

    Side stand

    Hi guys and girls, just wondering if u could offer any info on a little "dispute" me and my mates r havin!!! if u've not got alot of space to turn your bike round in, is it ok to put all weight of the bike onto side stand and turn it round on the spot??? or will this damage it??? a little trivial i know but that's not the point eh!!!
  13. Chris 46

    R6 link pipe

    Hi guys am after getting rid of the cat on my 07 R6, one of my mates says that he thinks a link pipe from another year R6 would fit but i'm not sure???? anybody know if this is true??? if so which one??? if not then i think it's a trawl through ebay for an after market set!!! Cheers
  14. Excellent mate, glad u got sorted!! bet she'll look mint!! Enjoy
  15. Hi fella, just wondering if u got some plates sorted????
  16. Hi fella, i've got a racefit growler on my R6 it's not a replica but it's not a bad likeness have a look on the racefit website there abit minty but a real nice peice of kit!!! Enjoy
  17. Ok mate, let me know how u get on!!! fingers crossed
  18. Chris 46

    R6 sat nav

    Hi all, thinking of fitting a sat nav on my 07 R6 anybody done this??? can anybody recomend a decent unit??? cheers chris
  19. Hi dave, just been on ebay and seen these, item number 120530079356 it says there off a 06-07 model but i would have thought they'd fit yours (i'd check 1st!!!) i'm trying for u fella!! ha ha
  20. Hi mate, i've done this on my 2007 R6 also might sound a daft question but have u tried a main yamaha dealer???? or ebay????? i'm sure my local dealer (sheffield motor cycles) will be able to get them u, try em on 01142525400 hope this helps u out fella!!!!!
  21. Hi mate, i,ve got an 2007 R6 and do a lot of track days and quite abit of fast road riding and i run pirelli corsa 3's!!! There mint fella, well worth a look at
  22. Chris 46

    New Tyres

    Cheers adam i'll keep a look out
  23. Chris 46

    New Tyres

    Hi all might be a simple question but i,m guna ask it anyway, so sorry if i sound thick!!! just got some new rubber on my baby and as usual i've got to "take it steady" for about 100 miles, so here's the question........... why is there a releasing agent on new tyres????
  24. Chris 46

    R6 headers

    Hi just a quick question.............have a racefit growler exhaust on my R6, i want to get rid of the standard headers/cat for some after market ones, would i have to have her dyno'd or would she run ok with out????? Thanks
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