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  1. cheers for that, I have had the tank off, I disconnected the speedo cable from teh front wheel to give me a bit of room to get under the speedo housing on hte tank. Flushed the tank, have now got fuel comming out of both pipes on the petrol tank. Put it all back together and.....nothing. Must be the carb blocked up or the fuel pump. If the prime thingy works this would bypass the pump? So I think it must be a blocked carb or the British bikes friend,and electrical problem but I am getting a decent spark. it's going to the bike shop at this rate as I am not enjoying working on the little thing! A manual would be good though. Thanks guys
  2. Hi everyone, My son's xvs125 2001 model won't start. It has been left idle for 3 weeks during the snow and now won't fire. I have checked the spark and it's good but in doing so I broke the plug top and need to replace it. no problem I thought until I tried to get the tank off! I can't see how I am to disconnect the speedo to get to the coils to change the spark leads and also, to check if the fuel is getting to the carb in the first place. The bike has a fuel pump,I guess vacuum operated and I tried the prime setting on the fuel tap, recharged the battery etc but not a cough from the engine. the inlet manifold looks like it could do with replacing as it looks old and cracked but it should still fire, but the tank needs to come off! I have got the seat off, back tank bolt, the speedo housing all loose but not off. and the tank will move back until the cables etc prevent further movement. I run british bikes so am used to unreliability, but I have plenty of room around the simple components on my BSA and Norton and good manuals but there doesn't seem to be a Xvs125 manual other than the owners one with the bike. Ny son saved up for the thing and I bought it, it rode fine on the way home and was fine for a couple of weeks but he is in the post Christmas skint stage and I would like to get it running for him! And before you all have a go, I have been a multiple Yamaha owner, which is why I went for the Dragstar! Did have a couple of Hardley Ablesons as well so like a cruiser but we won't go there today! Any ideas out there?
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