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    Building an FZ750 race bike and i need some parts and advise . The reason is i own an independant motorcycle repair shop . I used to race "back in the day" but am now well into my fiftys and many of the young wannabees and cowboys that come to my shop and see some old pics or trophys give me grief about being past it - well - i'm not !!!. Mid 80's is my passion - i found a dead FZ750 and now i want to build a sleeper - something that looks old and slow to the wannabees and cowboys - and go out to a few track days and maybe open up a can of WHUPASS on these youngsters . I have an fzr1000 donor engine for the top end to put on the 750 6 speed tranny . Now i need some downdrafts , cams and a pipe - anybody help ?. I also am thinking about grafting on the front and rear from a '97 gsxr750 that i have lying around - big brakes - wide tyres - and probably some machining needed . Does anybody have performance parts they wish to sell - any free advise will be appreciated . I will post pics as i go . Thanks , Ian .
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