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  1. Hey gio-maybe try your problem in the yamaha workshop-or dual sport sections? Sounds like the 600 couldnt pull the skin off a custard hey? cheers.
  2. not sure wot model dt125 u have? but if its the same as the 200s then it shouldnt have a mixture screw.
  3. Have you checked ur crankcase seals? My 98dt would run but not idle-had nothing down low-would also get hot very quick. Ended up being seals. I noticed a small airleak noise when kicking the bike over-couldnt work out where it was coming from! then i noticed oil dripping from flywheel side cover-screw at bottom with seal on it.wiped oil-it was dark-didnt make sense? smelt oil-uh huh-2stroke-found my problem.It may not b but worth checking! If ur flywheel side seal is as chopped out as mine was-when u remove sidecover and start bike u get uncontrollable revs.you will also get alot of engine n
  4. thanks 4 the tips bob and cynic. will have a look at the bike on the weekend. cheers scotty.
  5. ps rr90 to reply to your pm , i had a similar problem to misfits, after changing needle valve then crank seals I was able to get closer to a good setting , slightly out at the moment cos its so cold .currently running 35 pilot 150 main middle clip , plug BR8ES - colour light brown after a thrash hello bob- not sure wot u mean by needle valve? Is ur bike stock all round bob? i m also using br8es- wot does the light brown colour indicate about the way bike is running? i m preety sure u said u hav disconected auto-lube. is that why u hav had 2 change jetting from standard?
  6. Ive only been able to get 84 ks out of a tank is that bad or good for a dt Please help cheers 84kms 2 a tank sounds very ordinary-even with non original pipe-cant say how much pipe will affect-but standard stock dt200,s wil get between 140-160 to a tank-depending on how and where u r riding.I agree with cynic about ur spark plug. u may also want 2 check ur reed valves after plug change.
  7. I hav just recently replaced crankseals on my dt200.bought genuine yamaha,cost-$114-or $76 for the stator side-$38 clutch side. i had to buy a 27x1 lefthand male thread flywheel puller also as i could not find someone with correct size.cost-$55.
  8. oops i stuffed that first post up. Paper mache man.hows it going with the dt200?with ur issue of not running unless choke on-my dt200 had similar symptoms-ended up being crankcase seal.you may want to check that.
  9. rr390


    [quote name='bob-c' date='18 December 2009 - 07:13 AM' timestamp='12611 20431' post='110008'] Yes both the crank seals can be changed without splitting . For the stator side you will need a flywheel puller size 27x1 LEFT HAND THREAD , it's a quick job . Bob C thank you very much bob-c.i will have a play with it over the holidays.
  10. rr390


    hi every1. i have a leaking crankcase seal on the stator side of my 98dt200r. i m wondering if the seal can be changed without splitting bottom end. if any1 can help would be much appreciated.
  11. hey misfit-just joined and seen ur prob with crankcase seal stator side.my dt has same prob-do u know if the seal can be changed without splitting bottom end?
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