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  1. I recently found using the comparison site "The Bike Insurer" very useful. They virtually halved my insurance on the R6 from £580 to £330! Have been recommending them to all my customers that haven't had a bike before, and a large percentage of them take out insurance through their website. Worth a look! Another comapny that seems to be particularly good for small bikes and scooters is Lexham Insurance. 0845 605 0546. Good luck!
  2. Im with CurlyGirl, I think the Remus Powercone looks fantastic, built well and is good value. There are other options, like the Akrapovic, but you do pay for the name a fair bit. That said, they are good quality and sound amazing. One of these two for me.
  3. Hi, just thought I'd give you the dreaded "book price!" It books at £2200 with 25,000 miles on the clock, so you really shouldnt have too many problems getting rid of it in a hurry! That said, at the moment sports bikes are not the best selling bikes in the World, so you may find giving it to the dealer world may not be your best option! Hope this helps!
  4. Wattsy

    mt 03 Kilowatt/bhp?

    Hi guys, Gas is right, the MT-03 is putting out 35.3kW (48 PS) in the UK. That said, it may be different in Spain, so it's worth a check! A lot of new riders have the same problem over here too. The A2 restriction is 33 bhp, which means that virtually everything over 250cc has to be restricted. A lot of people do choose to buy a more powerful bike and restrict it in the hope that they will still have / want it in 2 years. I see this all the time selling them, and I think that buying a bike that you want is the right way to go. Don't worry about 2 years time, you will probably want to change the bike by then anyway! I love the 660 engine, it doesn't matter what form you buy it in, they are all brilliant! Enjoy whatever you buy!
  5. Hi John, Im sorry that this is a little too late, but I also have an 08 R6, and i've fitted the new Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa Pro's. They are absolutely unreal! I've never ridden on such a confidence inspiring tyre. But only in the dry! Wear seems to be fairly normal, with no unusual characteristics so far, but that said, I havent managed to wear them out yet so who knows! Just thought I'd mention it for next time! Enjoy the RR's! Sean
  6. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your new purchase! Now then, if only the damn snow would clear!
  7. I get the exact same thing with my local petrol station, which is at the bottom of my road. What makes it worse, is that all the staff in there recognise me and actually talk to me about the bikes all the time! However, if I try and walk in with my helmet on, they won't open the door! Frustrating to say the least! Especially if its pissing down with rain and all you want to do is pay them! Anyway, thanks for starting this Reabo, my rant is over!
  8. Yamaha have just announced a price increase on the 950 of £500 for 2010. GET SHOPPING! Wattsy
  9. Hi Kev, I've just spoken to Yamaha UK who had a look at all the listings for the MT01 since 2006, and the only part that could be described as a "Rear Spray Deflector" is a hugger!? Doesnt sound like thats what you want, but nothing else fits the bill apparently. Was it definitely a genuine part? Let me know and I'll do what I can. Wattsy
  10. Hi Guys, I know I keep saying it (sorry if it's getting tiresome), but I sell them. We don't just sell Yamaha though, and it has been far more popular thatn the other japanese custom/cruiser bikes this year. We did have a demo available throughout the summer and it proved to be one of the more popular demos (We have around 30!). The demo sold as soon as it went up for sale, which can only be a good sign, Might also explain why you can't find one to try. Not just saying it because Im a salesman (Boo...Hiss!), but they are very good bikes and you could do a lot worse! If there are any dealers with stock left right now, it'd be a good time to buy as they will want to get rid of them, winter, and they are still on 0% finance for about a week! Don't forget the VAT rate is increasing, so waiting until the New Year will cost you an extra 2.5% for no reason. Yamaha announced in a recent meeting that they will be increasing their prices around 2.5% across the range too! Goff - I guess that applies to accessories too, so waiting may not be the best option! Anyway, I hope this little insight into the crazy world of Yamaha UK helps! Good Luck!
  11. Thanks for the address, I'll be sure to let everyone at my work (bike shop) know about this! About 40 staff members all into bikes....Expect a few mags! Stay safe!
  12. Wattsy

    R6 Piccies

    A few pictures of my bike taken by me, and a few taken by a professional photographer, with me on the bike. He's a friend of mine that wanted to get some practise in and I got the job of posing!
  13. is planning his next Nurburgring trip! Yeah!

  14. Hi guys, I actually work for a Yamaha dealership, and an award winning one at that, (Not a million miles from Southampton, but no names mentioned!) and it's a bit of a difficult pill to swallow to hear that neither of you would buy from a dealership! Im not certain, but fairly sure that you dont have to buy the whole pack of coolant bottle lids, but I can only assume that the wrong part was ordered by mistake. If it was a genuine error, then you should be able to get a refund and/or the correct part ordered. Surely that is standard practise for any dealership! I guess that point Im trying to make, is that it's not fair to tar all the dealerships with the same brush! There are a few of us out there that genuinely care, and try our best to promote the fun in motorcycling! I also agree with "Cynic", if you are trying to fix anything on a budget, then try and source used parts!
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