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  1. My XS 400 runs well and has a good rev range, so that is good I have found that if i use the side-stand that one of the carbs (Right) will drain a little making starting harder until it`s filled again when I put the bike upright. That`s not a problem as I can use the center stand! But no matter what I do to my bike, my idle is ALWAYS lumpy. I have had them balanced , sonicly cleaned, new jets, diaphrams, ect, ect! while looking at the mounts, I am thinking that the small brass tubes that are blocked off on mine should maybe be linked?? by a small length of rubber tube?? Any advise is greatfully recieved........ thyank you
  2. Theres you coming down south and I would be visiting bonny scotland (west coast area)!
  3. pepperami


    You`re in America...... Why dont you just shoot any scummers that try to nick your bike?
  4. pepperami


    SO SO SO close to the truth!
  5. Well done JonnyK there is nothing like the first time you get a bike . Good for you and many happy miles. Welcome to the forum. There are many wise souls on this site who have a great knowledge of bikes so you should be okay if you need to know something about fixing your bike.
  6. Hmmm! at 44 years of age, I thought you would of got the hang of skateboarding by now? ..... have you still got your BMX
  7. Nice to pick up a brand new bike lets hope it gives many smiles-per-miles.
  8. If you can get my XS400 to wheelie without destroying it, i`ll eat my hat Not been on here myself much lately
  9. pepperami

    Bike Names

    I had an RD250LC that i called "Elsie", original i know! and i call my bike allsorts when they wont go . these days, i dont think about giving my bikes a name, but i do talk to them ie "Start you b*st*rd" & "Well done you little honey" everybody who knows me calls my CG125 "pop pop" dont ask me why, but they do
  10. Round here (suffolk) we/i seem to suffer from complacent dealers who know there is no-one else to take your bike to in the near vicinity Luckily i`ve not needed to take my bikes there for any major surgery/work. But they are fools being shitty to customers, because in the long run thier reputation will go down-hill and slowly business will dry up. The sad part of that is that there is one less dealer for us to buy spares from and use as a link to keep our bike on the road. I found a small local breakers near me, who will listen to me personally and use his contacts to get me what i need, ie he values his customers and gives them the best service he can. This has encouraged me to go back to him and give him more of my money, even if we are only talking about a few quid. The dealers in question will only ever get business out of me when i have no other avenues left. Why? because my bike is old and they dont care and even look down thier noses at it/me because it`s old (W*NKERS) I even heard an independent dealer say (not to me) "if they bring thier bike to me, they dont know much, so i can charge what i like almost"
  11. Hmmmm!, cant see the Yamaha badge on it??
  12. pepperami

    useful patch

    Wear that in Ipswich and it`ll be deserted also !
  13. you can get ultra-violet marker pens. cant you speak to your insurance company about marking your bike for cheaper premiums?
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