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  1. Thanks Bob C, by the way, my bike lost its original OEM carbs...and so now I am using a TZM carb. Hard riding gave me only about 135km per full tank. Can u guys share your fuel consumption?
  2. Wow, great. Where u at? I have only one and is very operational, but I am looking for a speedometer and cable. I am staying in Malaysia.
  3. Hi guys, need help to source for these 2 parts:- 1. 1992 DT200WR (3XP) speedometer with cable. 2. Mikuni TM28SS carburetor for the Yamaha DT200WR (3XP). Really appreciate all your help.
  4. Hi, just looking around for Dt200/ DT200Wr/WR200 (those old 2 stroke gas guzzlers) owners out there. I own a 1991 DT200WR (road legal) and looking for frens who can discuss or talk about these good ol 2 strokies. Rgds, Tokwan
  5. Hi, just another old guy saying "Hello". Just joined today. Any dirtbikers out there....
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