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  1. Thanks for the response guys! I am only an half an hour from Bromley! Is there no one from the south that's up for this?
  2. is chilling out...

  3. Hi there, Is anyone interested in meeting up for a ride in Kent on the weekend? I have a YBR 125 so I am not sure it would be any fun for someone with a bigger bike, but anyone is welcome.
  4. Well it turns out that I am just an idiot. I went to speak to an auto electrician to get a higher wattage bulb and it turns out that I have been using the parking light instead of the main light which I thought was the bright light, but apparently there isn't a bright light - just a parking light run straight from the battery and the main light whose power is generated when the engine is running. Yup - I am a dork.
  5. No they haven't - I have a 2009 model and the light is appalling! When I got onto a road with no street lights I thought that someone had poked my eyes out!
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