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  1. FZR AL

    TDR for sale

    Spoke to Simon today he still has the TDR , He didnt get round to putting on ebay he took his missus to york for the weekend , pm me and I will give you his mobile if your serious
  2. welcome Delman, great bikes the FZR and cheap as chips
  3. I think you will be restricted with the wheel size though, dunlops on mine
  4. FZR AL

    TDR for sale

    Hi Guys , I have a mate of mine is selling his TDR , its all been done , not a full nut and bolt restore , but it has been painted and all the bits which needed doing and looks good. new shock ,seat cover, powder coated rims, chain, sprockets, exhausts have been redone and sounds really sweet. He is more of a kwack man so does not ride it much , and as only been out on it a few times since rebuilding it, he is a very established bike restorer on the triples seen, and I am sure blackhat will vouch for his bikes he turns out , the forks seals need to be done, but it goes like stink
  5. FZR AL

    Jimmy Saville

    I have heard the Susan Boyle has been on the news and she said " I was on Jim'll fit it when I was 13 and he never touched me"...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eusa_shifty: :eusa_shifty: Gulity or not guilty I'm not sure , but I am sure they will have an inquest at the cost of the tax payer .
  6. FZR AL

    fzr 1000

    need more details Jelly B
  7. FZR AL

    fzr600 advice

    I have just the bike your after 1989 3HE twin headlight , great bikes for the money , an FZR will not handle like a R6, but cheap classic insurance , you can pick them up on ebay for £500-£600 but you would be better looking at a few more £s and getting a really good one , I picked mine up 3yrs ago ,full service history , 31K , and it never fails me, trouble is I dont ride it enough more into 2 strokes than 4 , get a test ride before , cane it in second and see if it jumps out of gear , this is the week spot on old gennys, oh and the plastics go rock hard and brittle so check em
  8. I thought you would like that picture DT , it was good to chat to you on saturday , we spent most of the day buying each other brews, smokiin fags, and talking bollox about bikes, had a great day and cant wait till next year , good to chat to John,glad your bike made it round on the run,also Kev and Paul, Cynic apologies I never got round to speaking to you I kept meaning to but it never happened . till next year then
  9. found this on another forum which I have stolen anybody recognise these criminals and who is that little red suzuki Lol
  10. quite correct Paul, I was hoping for my S3 to be done but it wont , got a few more lads going also so we can have a good old banter and talk bike bollox :spin2:
  11. FZR AL


    Just keep it stock, if you do want to sell at a later date , people like standard so it will fetch more money. just get the stanchions rechromed (hard chromed that is) £140.00 for the pair
  12. Mmmmm lovely I got its baby brother, gotta love them
  13. Happy Birthday big John, (blackhat) and Yamhead from me
  14. if you do get another exhaust , heres a link on the Ex up valve maintainance http://www.cartestsoftware.com/fz1/exupmaintenance.html
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