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  1. JYA12R

    I'm Back, Sorta

    Thanks for the "good Thoughts", my wifw of 45 years says the bikes, power and pedle aqre to be gone NOW. The Dr. told them (wife and four daughters) if I didn't die I would be mean, so he gave me a way out. They said I was allready mean BUT, the whole family says biking is out. I just hope I don't trip and hit my head on something or walking will be out also. In the mean time I'm going to do the best I can with a second start....
  2. JYA12R

    I'm Back, Sorta

    Sorry folks, I had a wreck on some RailRoad Tracks, was unconscious in ICU for 9 days, then transfered to a Rehab Hospital for 9 months. They wouldn't let me have my cell phone or laptop so I was only able to communicate after I got home. They called it an TBI and have put me on Disabity. I had my helmet and leathers on, which they cut off of me. I got three brain surgerys and the Dr.s say very fortunate to be in the shape I'm in. I still have the 82 parts, and will try to followup on you inquiries.
  3. The site that the pictures were linked to was down for maintenance . Sheeeeesh ... you should be able to see them now ... let me know if you can . Rubber Side Down . Karen You've set the bar so high we are only looking for perfection...
  4. yup nice clear writing shame about the lack of pics lol seems to be lacking some content them there pics............
  5. JYA12R.....what is your ride my new freind ? Hi Karen, I ride an 83 xs400 Maxim; I have the remains of an 82 Maxim in my shop.. 83 pic is posted in the GALLERY under Members Rides. You should finish up your member information so we can get to know you better. Rick
  6. Hardly Ablesome the only bike whch attempts to make up for it's lack of acceleraton through it's inability to stop or change direction OH, I've been telling my son-in-law that he rides a Hardly Dangerous motorcycle, your words seem to indicate it is, in fact, very dangerous.....Rick
  7. Its just OVER THE TOP I did feel the wind of it though...... Thanks Karen
  8. I still have the tranny and the clutch parts look good if you need something. I'll check with the lad that wanted the tranny to see if he still needs it. Later, Rick
  9. Say Drewps, sounds like we're milking this thing.....
  10. If you are in the states Army, Sears has CRAFTSMAN tools. Get a combination wrench or set of wrenches so you will have what you need for future jobs......
  11. JYA12R

    mad cow

    The (BLONDE) lady reporter: "I am here to collect information on the possible sources of Mad Cow Disease. Can you offer any reason for this disease?"
  12. You can even cut your grass at night when all your neighbours are asleep. Night is the best time to cut your grass, It doesn't grow as fast at night....
  13. JYA12R

    New girl :)

    What's that you say BWJ?? Cheeta's in a well ???
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