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  1. It actually belongs to a friend. It did run very well. We've all had a go! I replaced a headlight bulb and a faulty horn and now it won't start. The key will turn all the way round and come out in any position.
  2. I had a horrible thought that may have happened!
  3. I have a DT250 that has a dodgy ignition switch. I can't find one that matches exactly, mine has ten wires but colours are hard to match. Engine no is 512-100278 and chassis is 512-001005. Does anyone know where I can check these numbers and get an ignition switch please? The colours don't quite match up on the bike between the 2 ignition switch plugs anyway! Thanks
  4. Hi. I thought I'd introduce myself (as I've already asked a question, oops) My name is John and I live in Stockport. I've had several bikes over the years but my current and favourite is a 1996 XJ900 Diversion. Very comfortable and reliable, so far! I do all my own repairs and servicing but just occasionally I do come unstuck!
  5. Hi. Thanks for the reply. It started leaking all on its own. I've refilled the dieff to the right level and it still has oil round the vent and on the tyre. I'll do an introduction now. Thanks John
  6. Hi. The differential vent on my 1996 XJ900 Diversion has started leaking. Any ideas why and how to cure it? Thanks John
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