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  1. Recheck the inlet valve clearances cos as its getting warm it might be tightening up. Also i'd try a hotter plug first.

    What does the plug look like when you do a plug chop?

    Thanks Goff, I had teh valve clearances rechecked and these were OK. Haven't had a chance yet to try a hotter plug but thanks for that advice. Sorry but I'm not a techie guy (I just ride my bikes :o)) what's a "plug chop"? :blink:

  2. You may well have a problem with the coil, best thing to do is check the resistance of the ccoils when the bike is cold, then again when it won't run and see if you have a difference.

    I only have the TTR600 manaual to go by, but I understand the coil is the same, so here are the valuse it should be :

    Primary Coil = 4ohms +- 15%

    Secondary Coil = 13K-Ohms +- 20%

    Another problem I've seen in the HT lead where it screws into the coil, it can become dislodged. This (for me) normally makes starting difficult, but depending on how it looks you could get a problem when warming up??

    There's not alot of XT owners on here, there are some very experienced XTZ owners on the HUBB -> http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hubb/ where you may find your answers. Use the search function as there is alot of XTZ information for all models, if you can't find what you are looking for then ask the question.

    Many thanks for that. I'll pass this info on to the guy who takes care of my bike and I'll have a look on teh forum you mentioned.


  3. Hi, I have a 1993 XTZ660 Tenere and it was running very nicely. Recently it has developed an annoying habit of cutting out on idle when warmed up. Its fine for about the first 5 miles then whenever you stop after that, the revs drop to zero, she cuts out and is a b***h to restart until she's cooled down a little. I've had the fuel tank cap, the valve clearances, spark plug gap, idle and mixture settings all checked and its still happening. Could this be some kind of electrical coil problem? :( I am no mechanic so please help if you can.

    Many thanks.

  4. My first post - so hello everyone!

    I have a 1993 XTZ660 Tenere which is in great condition and has done 25K miles. I have a problem with it when it is warm. After 5 or 6 miles of running when its warmed up, if I stop, the revs and take my hand off the throttle, the revs immediately drop to zero, the bike cuts out and it won't restart until it has cooled down a bit. This happens whenever it is warmed up. Its not running hot. Its had a new battery, spark plug (gap checked), valve clearances checked, mixture and idle checked and its STILL has this problem.

    Any ideas? Could it be some kind of electrical issue? I am desperate! This is a lovely bike and great fun to ride but right now anything over 5 miles is impossible.


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