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  1. Thanks Goff, I had teh valve clearances rechecked and these were OK. Haven't had a chance yet to try a hotter plug but thanks for that advice. Sorry but I'm not a techie guy (I just ride my bikes )) what's a "plug chop"?
  2. Cheers Jim, I'll give that a try - I am desperate!!
  3. Many thanks for that. I'll pass this info on to the guy who takes care of my bike and I'll have a look on teh forum you mentioned. Cheers........Stuart
  4. Hi, I have a 1993 XTZ660 Tenere and it was running very nicely. Recently it has developed an annoying habit of cutting out on idle when warmed up. Its fine for about the first 5 miles then whenever you stop after that, the revs drop to zero, she cuts out and is a b***h to restart until she's cooled down a little. I've had the fuel tank cap, the valve clearances, spark plug gap, idle and mixture settings all checked and its still happening. Could this be some kind of electrical coil problem? I am no mechanic so please help if you can. Many thanks.
  5. My first post - so hello everyone! I have a 1993 XTZ660 Tenere which is in great condition and has done 25K miles. I have a problem with it when it is warm. After 5 or 6 miles of running when its warmed up, if I stop, the revs and take my hand off the throttle, the revs immediately drop to zero, the bike cuts out and it won't restart until it has cooled down a bit. This happens whenever it is warmed up. Its not running hot. Its had a new battery, spark plug (gap checked), valve clearances checked, mixture and idle checked and its STILL has this problem. Any ideas? Could it be some kind of electrical issue? I am desperate! This is a lovely bike and great fun to ride but right now anything over 5 miles is impossible. Cheers.
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