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  1. I know it's been a while, but I wanted to add an update. I ordered the oil filter previously mentioned from Speed and Sport Yamaha...and it worked awesome! I'm going to buy a couple of them next time just in case. I'm surprised the yamaha dealer here didn't know it was a direct replacement. On the box it said 'Replacement for XXXXXXX" (XXXXXX meaning the yam part number for my oil filter which I can't remember because it's late and I've had a few beers after a long day) but that oil filter is a direct fit replacement...Hope this is helpful!
  2. Update: I tried the PH6607 from FRAM...no dice. I had the guy at the local shop (very knowledgeable I might add) look at common and uncommon filters and try to match one up with the one I have, but he couldn't find any that were close...the threads seem to be the problem...I will have to keep looking I guess.
  3. there is a horse in my street....yes a real horse.

  4. I picked up a Fram ph6607 filter, like what was shown in the last link by fatherg9, but I have not tried it yet. I will keep you posted. If this works, it will only be $5 for an oil filter.
  5. Thanks, but I'm more curious as to what you do. Judging from your name you have an xs500, so what filter do you use when changing the oil?
  6. After doing quite a bit of searching, and having the local shop look for a while, I can't seem to find an oil filter for my '76 xs500. I've seen the NOS ones on ebay selling for $40-70, but that is far too expensive for an oil filter in my opinion. I have not been able to nail down a straight answer from what I've read either, it seems there is some type of adapter that you can add to the motor to use current filters, but I can't find any more about it than that, also, the guy at the shop said to try and see if I can rebuild it, but thats about all the info he gave me. It seems yamaha discontinued this filter years ago, and not even K&N has stepped it up and made a replacement...When I bought this bike I had no idea how unpopular it was going to be! Anyhow, what do other people do when they change the oil filter? Is there a hidden secret filter that will work that I can't seem to discover, or am I going to be stuck buying NOS filters on ebay for the life of the bike? Rock auto has this listed, but it shows a cartridge filter, and it's a screw on filter on my bike...not really sure where to go from here. Help would be awesome! Thanks guys (and girls)
  7. I actually ended up making new gauge faces on photoshop, and printing them on UV resistant matte photo paper. And it was somewhat of a challenge to get the gauges apart, but they look way better now. I'll post pictures when I get the front end done...just waiting for the new steering bearings to come in...
  8. Hi Everyone, I rode my '76 xs500 almost every day last summer, and I didn't stop riding unti december 1st 2009 (thats quite a feat for wisconsin!). All through the winter (december - february) I would start the bike up and let it run for a while, every couple of weeks. Usually the battery was dead, and I would kick it a couple of times and it would fire right up. The most recent time I started it was about 3 weeks ago, and it ran like a champ. Well I started to get the itch to ride again since it's beginning to get warm again, in order to do so I needed to replace the chain, and front and rear sprockets, they were pretty worn from the previous owner (they might have been the originals). So I replaced the chain and sprockets, I also removed the exhaust to clean it up a bit, I put everything back together today, and tried to start it up, it had a dead battery again, no biggie, just kick start it right? Wrong. It wouldnt fire. I tried jump starting it with my car and still nothing. So I start checking things...good fuel flow, clean air filters...but it seems that there is only a spark sometimes. I have a spark tester and the left cylinder seemed to fire occasionally, while the right cylinder didn't fire at all. So my question is, how could this happen after having it running only a few weeks earlier. Did my coils just decide to die today because it was 50+ and sunny? Anyway, they are the original coils, and I was wondering what the procedure is to test them. If I'm not getting a spark, I assume that means there it's the coil, or the wiring leading up to it. Is there certain voltage/amperage I should be checking for? Also, are these coils known for just dying...or am I even looking in the right place. Any help on this frustrating subject would be wonderful. Thanks. One more thing. If the coils are indeed bad, can I replace them with just any old coils from JCWhitney or old bike barn, or is there specific ones for my bike?
  9. Hi Everyone, I have a '76 xs500c and I want to replace the gauges, but my problem is, no one seems to have a listing for what will work on my bike. I am wondering if there is someone who knows the correct ratio speedo to get, and also if any mechanical tach will work, or if it has to be a certain ratio or something. at first I was going to replace the faces on the stock gauges, but I couldnt find anyone who sold them, so I made my own with photoshop, but I can't find anyone to print them on matte uv resistant vinyl. Any help would be awesome.
  10. Hi everyone, I have faded and cracked gauge faces on my '76 xs500 and I am wondering if anyone knows how to disassemble them to replace the faces. A how-to guide would be awesome, or a video, or any tips really. Also, does anyone know where to find replacement faces for older yamahas? I've found lots of stuff for hondas, but not yams. Thanks
  11. Hi Nick, I also just bought a '76 xs500, but mine was running. I'm planning on stripping it down and re-building it this winter to be more of a cafe racer. if you want to send me your email address I have a PDF copy of the manual that I bought, but I'll gladly give it to you. It has specifics about oil and such in there I think, I haven't studied it that much though so I'm not exactly sure. Engine oil is 20W/40 at or above 60 degrees F or 10W/30 below that. Though I'm riding 20W/40 and it was 45 today. Air filters I found on ebay for $10 each, just universal cone type (I think it was 52mm ID) As for seals, I have a crank case leak that needs a new gasket, and I still have not found one so if you find a place with seals, let me know. Hope this helps. ~Jordan
  12. so let me get this straight... I can use the current brake lever on the XS500 or I need to get a new one to use dual calipers? Also, are the XS1100 calipers the same as I have on my 500? I have found used calipers for the 1100 for around $20 on ebay. Thanks
  13. Hi there, I just picked up a 1976 yamaha xs500 DOHC for a couple hundred bucks and I am currently getting it stripped down to do a cafe conversion. It runs great and shifts smooth, I actually rode it for most of the summer. My only complaint so far is the poor stopping power. There is a mount for putting a second disc brake on the left fork leg and my wheel is able to take a second disc on the other side. I was wondering if I could just slap another caliper on and tee into the brake line, or will I need some sort of proportioning valve and a larger master cylinder to accommodate the extra fluid? I read somewhere that the xs500 had the option of dual discs at some point in it's history, but I've not been able to find any more than that. If I do in fact need a new master cyl. and such, am considering getting a set of brakes off an xs1100 that came stock with dual fronts. If the mounts dont work I can always machine a mount adapter. Any thoughts, pointers or tips would be awesome.
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