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  1. thx guys. really appriciate your help Peter
  2. Hello everyone, have been very quiet, but still reading posts. But now i need some advice. I had my bike (xvs 650) painted a short while ago, and now i seem to have a leak on the fuel selector valve. Difficult to pinpoint exactly where. Strangely the stuff leaking looks more like oil (a bit yellowish) than fuel. smells like fuel though, and i cannot imagine it being something else. I removed the valve (thats what i think its called) with the 2 screws, and later just put it back. Was i suppose to change any seals or so? thx Peter
  3. just be carefull with that german site. They sell the lowering kit for the dragstar 650 at 179 euro..... You can get it anywhere for less then 40. Makes you wonder... Peter
  4. the world is coming to an end....and this is the proof!
  5. petercnm


  6. one thing i don't get here..he says his "brain" told him to do that...??
  7. petercnm


    and a merry christmas to all of you from out here in belgium..
  8. i was actually disappointed that they didn't start dancing.... come on..2.5 minutes without dance and song....
  9. welcome Andy, good to see another belgian here... Peter
  10. i would say about twice the half of your normal top speed...
  11. petercnm


    do you still have the original front wheel on it? Wheel size influences the speedometer. A smaller front wheel will cause the speedo to indicate more than your actual speed, and vice versa. peter
  12. if we can believe the HD video...impressive. But yes, quite expensive
  13. petercnm


    hello guys, i'm abandoning the idea of using parts of the original exhaust, and getting the idea of making it new front to end. Buying pipe and bending it (with a hydraulic bender) the way i want. But how do i make the connection to the cylinder? Can i buy a standard connecting piece and weld my pipe to that, or how would i go about that? thx Peter
  14. holes were pre-drilled when i bought the handle bar, so no problem there. Needed to extend the wires though, which is a bit of work. Plus the bike is always in the garage, next to heating
  15. here's what i did with mine. For my feel, it is very comfortable. My back is not 100% (thanks to a nice horse [email protected]@#$$#), but i did a tour of several hours last week, and still feel ok. What you need to consider is the routing of your throttle and clutch cable, and electrical cables. I put all of my wires inside the handlebar. And i used risers. If you just put the new handlebar on the existing mount, i could be that you lean to far forward.
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