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  1. Not that I know of without a reg number. Is there a tax disc or paperwork with a number on it? If not, and I guess that it has been used off road, then it is a gamble. Depending on the year, condition and what is missing off the bike you have to weigh up the risks. If you plan to put it back on the road then you have to gamble it is not nicked or written off. If there are bits missing, and depending on the age, then you have to look at the cost of these so maybe a couple of road tyres, chain & sprockets, bearings, lights, dials, V62, MOT, mirrors, ignition switch etc you may be looking at a £300+ spend.

    the bike was used off road and i would have to buy all of the above, i been told its a 2000 model and it was bought cheep its not in the best of condition but i thought it was some thing me and my boy could do, may be then he would look after it but it is a gamble i have to see what happens hope not a nock on the door... thanks for your help

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