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  1. Hi guys, Since I've now sold the DT I have some bits left over so thought I would put them on here first before I go down the route of evilbay. DT 175 Barrel, Head and Piston. The barrel is 0.5 over size and looks in good condition to me, it was running and sounded fine when I took it off. The head is marked in the dome, it looks like a piston ring in bits hit it at one time but it was as I said running fine on the bike. Piston looks okay, just needs carbon taken off it. Bash plate/sump guard. No major dents in it, not majorly rusty, would clean up fine I think. Front and rear
  2. Thanks guys, I do have the correct wiring diagram, got it from yourself OG, it's the round swing arm I've got. I'm just trying to make these 2 separate earth circuits link together as they should be, and so looking at the diagram it appears that the battery negative goes to the regulator and from there plugs into the loom. At the moment I have 2 black wires emerging from the rear end of the loom, 1 to the battery and the other to the regulator, but the 1 to the battery has another 3 wires spliced into it, going to the oil level plug, tail light plug and the CDI but connects to nothing else. Th
  3. Hi again guys, back with more questions! Decided that I would strip back the loom a few days ago to see if I could shed any more light on the problem I’ve been having. Not a pretty sight. Been repaired and changed a lot! One thing that has been changed is that there are now two separate earth circuits within this loom. One starting from the regulator and the other starting from the battery, and at no point do they meet within the loom, therefore first thing is to rectify that then check out the Blue/Red which has been altered, chopped and joined somewhat. Having studied the wiring diagram
  4. Battery is relatively new, back in April/May and I did charge it last week. Took readings 1/Horn not very happy sounding without the engine running 2/ With ignition key in lights position I get 5.28 Volts across the battery 3/ Across the blue wire and battery negative I get 4.48 Volts I did have a look last week at an electronic relay wondering if it would make a big enough difference to stop this dimming. I've had other bikes in the past and yes the lights have always been pretty shit but I've never had anything like this where it's such an obvious dimming, the tail light disap
  5. Hi guys, I'm still working on sorting out this tail light dimming problem when the indicators are on. Had an inspirational thought and bought a LED bulb for the tail light thinking that it would take so little power that sould solve the problem. It didn't ! Now, being aware that electrics are not a strong point of mine, I've been thinking about the regulator. I know, but it's better than counting sheep to go to sleep! Could the regulator be the problem? If it's not working properly and when the lights and indicators are on it's not sending the correct amount of power back to the battery becaus
  6. Hi, other than changing the top end all I did when I converted mine was to swop the Main Jet and the Pilot Jet for the 125 specs. Runs perfectly.
  7. "Not sure if this helps, but I was having some similar problems with my dt175. The headlight, then the turn signals, nothing seemed to work then sometimes they would. You probably have a similar product over there, but I got a can of electrical contact cleaner and took apart all the switches. The switches on both sides were heavily coroded. After some spraying and light cleaning with a wire brush/fine sandpaper all the problems went away." Thanks for the suggestion but I did actually have all the switches apart and cleaned when I first got the bike and all the contacts seem to be fine
  8. Well happy news for a change. Tried what you suggested Paul to see what voltage was flowing and then proceeded to go round and check everything again. Everything as it was so had a look at the tail lamp bulb, took it out and re-inserted and hey presto I have a rear light and a brake light working as they should. Having messed about with the bulb it seems that there's a very strange connection within the light housing. It's not the normal bayonet socket you would expect, doesn't seem to hold the bulb correctly. You think that the bulb is in, but give it another twist and it comes out. It's not
  9. Thanks for that Paul, I'll try that tomorrow morning
  10. Well back with another strange update. Took the indicators off and put lights and everything back in it's place prior to getting MoTd, and discovered that the brake lights will not come on when the lights are on! They used to! They work perfectly without the lights but nothing when they're on. The only thing I had done was put a new rear brake light switch on last week, so duely wired up the old one again but still the same. I hadn't bothered leaving the front side light in as it's not required so tried it back in again. Even put the indicator relay back on just in case. I cannot think why thi
  11. Well, have tried with low wattage bulbs all round, still same problem. Tried a new earth from the rear light, another earth from the battery, still no change. I'm going to just take the indicators off and get the MoT, then shove them back on, and try to enjoy what's left of the summer on the bike. Nice weather up here at the moment! Thanks for every bodies help. Paul
  12. Hi guys The switch certainly looks original and has six wires. Haven't tried lower wattage bulbs, certainly an idea. I'll see if I can get some tomorrow. Thanks for the wiring diagram Paul, it's very obvious now that you mention it that I had the wrong one, just didn't occur to me. Did have an idea which I don't know whether it's possible or not. I've discovered that you don't actually need a front side light for the MoT so by removing the bulb I remove the poblem of it flashing in time with the indicators. I still though have the problem of the rear lamp still flashing, albeit not as
  13. Ahaha, and the bike is a 2K4. So wonder why it has a different loom then? Do you know off the top of your head which corresponding wires I need to check?
  14. Had a look at the light socket wiring today, and am slightly confused. My wiring colours are different from what you said and the 2 wiring diagrams I have! I have in the six wire lighting socket the following: Black Red/White Blue/Red Dark Brown Brown/White Green(dark?) plus a single Green, Yellow, Blue and the Pink. The loom side is identical other than the Dark Brown and Green(dark?) have 2 wires into their connectors. So I'm struggling to work out the corresponding wires to check (and also wondering why I have a different wiring scheme)! Confused!
  15. Back again guys with an update. Been away with the grand-rug rats on holiday so haven't managed to do much. They go home tomorrow (tiredly thankful he says) Tried the jumper from the battery to the relay, but no luck. Side light and rear light still flash when the indicators are on, but one thing that I have noticed, that I hadn't paid attention to before, is that is that the rear light flashing is actually a lot less obvious when compared to the front. Hmmm. I did actually replace the ignition switch when I got the bike as the original one was knackered. Would doing the same for the
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