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  1. my rxs had a severly scored piston and barrel before i re bored it and it ran shitty but they will go til the bitter end .they tend to drink petrol and oil in this poor state. check with a new plug is best option.check the air screw is out at least 1.5 turns since you cleaned carb it might be set in correctly.google for ideal set up. good luck.
  2. the right mirror is a left hand thread so your best bet is to build it up first and then weld a nut to it with using a 12swg rod so you can get down in there if it not broken off flush with the top of mount.the heat from the weld will expand alloy.only attempt this off the bike and the weld must be cool before rotating it clockwise slowly then counter clockwise little by little. have fun.
  3. hello to you i also have an rxs running everyday without any problems,but are all your carb rubbers in good order?is the tank clean? i would have said float height was a problem but its not.i dont know what haynes says about setting the air screw but if you google there is a definative method there cause i used it 3 weeks ago and it transformed my bike from being very sluggish to a flyer.hope you get it sorted!
  4. that is one sweet looking 2 smoke:)
  5. wheels4fun

    yam heaven

    rd350 lc cost thousands to restore xt 600 this pic is 2006 new image soon rxs 100 disney on ice
  6. what a beautifully crafted trike. what is the back axle from??
  7. hello king nothing sorry to hear about your unfortunate shimmy.In classic motorcycle mechanics January 2010 edition it has a pic of an xj550 Dresda on the cover there is an article about applying decals which you may find useful to you. happy xmas to all.
  8. i want to pay my subscription but when i want to view payment options it errors. how do i pay?
  9. hello new LC owner the bike that you have is 250 lc indicated by 4L1 frame no. the bottom end is 250 which could have a 5 speed box 6 on a 350. the back wheel cush rubbers on a 250 lc are circular similar to a honda cd 175 while the 350 lc has the more popular slotted type cush drive. anyhow all Lc s be it 250 or 350 are the bizness. have fun.
  10. i am looking for decals for1988 xt 600 its blue and yellow decals. e.mail [email protected] thanks
  11. wheels4fun

    xt 600

    hello to you all.i am looking for and without success for decals for my 1988 xt600 tenere. any ideas?also i would like to put a sidecar on it.is this a crazy idea?
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