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  1. sorted. Duff rectifier. Thw cheap chinese replacement was new but also duff. I replaced the stock rectifier with with a regulator / rectifier from a late model vfr800 honda and it works fine now. I had to modify the mounting to fit the new reg/rec in the same place.
  2. no, it's the later type with 2 sets of static windings and a rotor in between
  3. 1980 xs250se low miles as it has been sitting. 13.6v at 4000rpm, 12.9v at 4000rpm with the lights on. Changed the reg/rec to single unit from the 2 solid state items (xs750/850 item). 4ohm resistance between the white wires, 0ohm between brown and green. I am not sure how these generate power, but is the rotor supposed to be a permenant magnet, or is it charged by the inner stator? (brown/green wires). anything else I can check before I go nuts with a sledge hammer?
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