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    1991 Yamaha XJ900F and K3 Suzuki GSX1400

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    Bikes, bikes and bikes ... and pies!

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  1. Happy New Year everyone Thanks to Admin for a great forum ... See you all out and about soon Mark & Karen
  2. Eyup matey .. welcome to the forum ... where in Lancashire are you??? Probably bumped into you at some point around and abouts
  3. You didnt specify what model etc ... 11k for a 4 stroke is nothing ... but for a 2 stroke its a different ball game altogether ... I may be looking for a 125 for the lad as he's 17 soon ... so what is it exactly matey ....
  4. Hiya Buddy ...Report it to the police ...cos if its his Dads or his bosses car, the little scumbag might just say, it was your fault And then it would be your word against his in court .....
  5. shakey666


    Eyup Dave ... loving the prillia Not got any pics of the XJ yet as its a winter project .. but you'll usually see me riding this little beastie If ya see a B&W 14 and the rider is wearing pink and orange leathers ... its me shakey
  6. sorry folks ... got posted twice ... cos I am a dimwit
  7. Hi folks, Just a quick word to let you know that anyone in the NW UK area would be welcome.... I'm not currently a member of MAD MCC ... just trying to help a few decent folks out .... and I will be attending this.... *************************** Charity Toy Run Organised by Morcambe and District Motorcycle Club (MAD MCC) Sunday 13th December. Meet at 9.30am at Morrisons, Morcambe for a 10am departure. The route will then be to ride to Devils Bridge, Bull Beck, Glasson Dock, the Green Frog buttie van on Preston Docks and finally to Donnas Dream House in Blackpool. Anyone is able to join the ride and at any point as there will be pickups at the above points. There is no charge to go on the ride, just bring a present. Any questions, contact these people: www.madmcc.co.uk There is a contact facility on the site. The ride will go ahead whatever the weather. *********************************8 I hope this helps the cause .... details were passed to me by 2 very wet and cold members ....
  8. shakey666

    rear shocker

    No idea on the shock matey ... but I've got +30mm Hagons on my XJ900F and they work a treat So I guess its a case of suck it and see The XJ900 is a lovely bike to ride .... go for it!!!! After all, the throttle goes both ways
  9. I'm nearly 50 years old... I have always worked ... I have NEVER claimed anything from the benefits system ... This sort of thing makes my blood boil .... I work 6 days a week ... and bloody hard! And for what??? Feck all! Thats what!!! I work for myself ... and let me tell you, its not easy!!! All I seem to work for is to pay utility companies for overpriced gas, electric and water at business rates!!!! And thats not even to mention the bloody council tax!!!! I'm swamped with the bloody things .... and to hear that this family is taking the pi** like this is a total insult!!!! It doesnt seem like it pays to work hard and take risks ... just sign on and you'll get everything!!!! Sorry, rant over .... Off to sign on!!!!
  10. Ay up matey ... a few photos would help ... and a more detailed description .... I suppose at the end of the day, its worth what someone will pay for it .... are you thinking of selling it??? Are you in the UK???? Regards, shakey
  11. Hiya Buddy ... I've got Oxford heated grips on my GSX1400 which work really well ... yer hands are toasty warm ... but dont turn em up too high, or they will blister your hands. I'll be fitting a set on my XJ900F very soon, as winter is now setting in Regards, shakey
  12. shakey666


    Ay up matey ... just down the road from you near Blackpool ... me favourite butty spot is Caton, so not so far from you I'm currently ridin a 91 XJ900f, the predecessor to your Divvy ... might see you out and about sometime! Regards, shakey
  13. shakey666

    caption comp

    I think me knee sliders have moved up me leg again .... they're chaffing a bit!
  14. I always wanted a Headmistress like that
  15. Hiya cloudy, I'm a noobie here too. Good luck with the bike mods
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